Why Time

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Discipline your WHY

It's Thursday morning and I just returned from a morning run along the streets of downtown Edmonton. Today I inspire 1,000 youth in grades 7 - 9 to Ignite their WHY. One of my favourite destinations when travelling to Edmonton is the Fairmont Resort Hotel. Whether I'm staying there or just spending the afternoon creating in their cozy tea room I am always greeted and received with consistency. I have visited this resort about 6 times over the past 24 months. I always enjoy having a pot of their green tea with honey. Interestingly, my server Michelle commented how she loved my commitment to my consistency. She hadn't seen me in over 5 months but she remembers my commitment to green tea at the Fairmont. 

As I continue on my path to inspiring others to get onto theirs, many people ask me what it takes to live your passion. I meet so many people that are seeking more peace, happiness and greater fulfillment in life. Somewhere over the years they made a series of choices, some concious perhaps but mostly unconscious. Many of us were not taught to focus on living our WHY. There were no courses called Passion 101 or Find your Purpose. If there was a course called, Inspire Others I would have signed up for that. Most of us have climbed up long corporate ladders many times only now to discover that your ladder was perhaps leaned up against an incorrect wall. Perhaps you shouldn't have even chosen a ladder. What you really needed was a cannon to launch your WHY into the world not knowing where the hell you would land!

Here is the thing, today is a brave new day. You are in a time machine been transported back to grade 7 and 8, a time when you knew what activities brought you joy. A time when there was no gravity pulling on you, holding you back. There existed only untapped potential topped with limitless possibilities. You didn't know fear, it was not an emotion that you were aware of. You felt free and a sense that you could BE anything that you set your mind to. 

Now you are becoming aware that time is only an illusion and you have the greatest opportunity to follow your heart and your intuition in all areas of your life. The key is not to stop, to keep innovating, inventing and reinventing yourself. Do it everyday with passion, consistency and a willingness to be more than you currently are. Raise your arms, take a deep breath and shout out to the world. I am ready to make my mark on this world.