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Monday, November 26, 2012

Red Tip – Your Life - Is it where you want it to be?

Red Tip – Your Life - Is it where you want it to be?
The Greeks never published obituaries, rather they asked one question when a person died.  Did he or she live with Passion?
Ask yourself the following Big Question: “What would make 2013 the biggest and the best year ever?  What needs to be faced head on and what do you need to embrace? 
You only have one life and you are the only one that will make the choices towards living it with great intention.  Every morning I leap out of bed, fired-up with enthusiasm and design my day in advance instead of having it designed for me.  The same principle works in life.  You are the architect of your life and you have the ability to step into your greatness and design it the way you want to live it.  Perhaps up to this point you have underestimated just how powerful your thoughts are.  Recognize that our universe emerges from thought.  Only you can commit to making better choices NOW and take full control of your life.  Last Friday, November 23rd, I inspired over 300 youth in St.Catharines together with DEFYENEUR Binu Dhindsa with a powerful message to ‘Shape your life and become what you seek.’  I was amazed at how this message resonated with a younger audience.  They have no fear and believe that they can live their dreams.  I believe that something happens between the age of 14 and 40.  We stop dreaming, believing and taking chances to live our life the way we intended it to be.

This is your life and today is all that you have and all that you will ever have.  Ask yourself: “Are you WHO you want to be?  Are you WHERE you want to be?  Are you living your life HOW you want to be?  Your incredible life starts today by declaring to yourself and to the world that you’re taking full responsibility for creating it the way you want to live it.  Today is the day that you no longer look back, only forward and build incredible momentum by taking action.  It all starts with one powerful intention declared by you.  Take a sheet of paper this very moment and write on it:  “This is my dream (state your dream) and I’m living it from this point on.” 

Recognize that you are not alone and there are others waiting to hear your words and lift you up so you can shine.  Through the transformational DEFYENEURS™ movement we have impacted and inspired thousands of people world-wide to ‘extract and live their life purpose’ with great intention. This Thursday November 29th, 2012 we officially launch the [TANK NIAGARA] together with The Business Link, DEFYENEUR™ Erika Caspersen, Canada’s Energy Coach Angela Kontgen and a cast of DEFYENEURS™. On Thursday we will pour ourselves into 35 individuals with the power of BEING WHAT YOU SEEK.  This will be a sold-out Thursday TANK so please reserve your seat TODAY by emailing gerry@redchairbranding.com or erika@erikacaspersen.com and make the climb to uncovering who you were meant to be in this world

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Inspiring youth to action on Nov.23, 2012

News Release
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – November 23rd, 2012

Canada’s Creative Coach is focused on inspiring youth to action and 
impacting 1 million people world-wide

HAMILTON + NIAGARA ON (November 23rd, 2012)…All of us are born with dreams, a vision and goals for our lives.  It’s one thing to merely let them exist as thoughts, but it’s quite another to take action and bring them into being. Upon leaving the field of architecture in 1999, Gerry Visca, now regarded internationally as Canada’s Creative Coach™, has been on a quest to inspire 1 million people to action as an author of six books and an inspirational speaker.

“Become what you seek” was Gerry Visca’s recent message published in The Business Link Newspaper in November 2012 that inspired Deb McLean a teacher with Connaught Public School in St. Catharines, ON to reach out to Gerry.  Deb McLean noted: “Upon reading Gerry’s article, I was compelled to have him share his passion and enthusiasm with the kids of our school to have them ‘become what they seek’.

“I loved the passion in Deb McLean’s email. She shared with me how the kids in her school need to hear from positive and inspirational people so they believe that a door is not closed to them” noted Visca.

What started with inspiring one classroom has now transpired to the invitation of two public schools to attend Gerry Visca’s inspirational talk on Friday November 23rd , 2012.  Parents and children have been personally invited by the principal of Connaught Public School in St. Catharines to be inspired to attend Gerry Visca’s inspirational talk.   “On Friday November 23rd we are going to bring the inspiration to the kids of Connaught.  I have invited my twelve year-old daughter Sophie Visca and DEFYENEUR Binu Dhindsa, a high-energy and inspirational ZUMBA instructor who has a passion for motivating youth” noted Gerry Visca. 

The ambitious goal that Gerry Visca declared in 2008 of creatively inspiring 1 million people to action is being taken to new levels with his recent Young DEFYENEURS™ movement.  “There are few as deeply committed to surrounding people with such an incredible energy as they do the work, take the risks and defy gravity to bring their dreams to life” notes Angela Kontgen, regarded as Canada’s Energy Coach and editor to Gerry Visca’s two recent books.  “This movement is rapidly expanding nationally with stellar people that want to make a difference in this lifetime” said Visca. “People of all ages want to uncover their full potential and live their best lives now by inspiring others around them”.  

For more information on Gerry Visca’s inspirational talk at Connaught Public School in St. Catharines please contact:
Deb McLean, Teacher, Special Education, Learning Resource, Connaught Public School, 28 Prince St. St. Catharines
ph: (905)-682-6609.

For more information on the DEFYENEURS™ movement please contact Gerry Visca at:

Monday, November 12, 2012

Red Tip: Absolute Visualization

Red Tip – Absolute Visualization
Ask yourself the following BIG QUESTIONS this very moment:  “What do I want to create?  What do I want to attract into my life?   What legacy do I want to leave?  The very act of asking these three questions starts to put into motion the art of creativity.  When you start to imagine your desired life you have already created it.  Recognize that your universe emerges from thought.  Inspired action combined with ‘Absolute Visualization’ will help you draw what you want most, closer to you.  Every morning I sit and meditate for 20 minutes using a perfected technique that I define as ‘Absolute Visualization’.  Get very clear on the end result of that which you wish to create.  Picture the end result clearly in your mind as [absolute fact] and draw it closer to you.  Picture a rope surrounding the end picture in your mind and pull it towards you.  With ‘Absolute Visualization’ you need to be in a constant ‘receiving mode’ in order for you to draw in what you wish to create most in this life time.  It is absolute in that you need to feel it as already complete. Every night as you drift off to sleep flood your sub-conscious mind with high levels of gratitutde for attracting the resources and the people that are showing up in your life to help you become the person you were born to be. 
On Thursday November 29th, 2012 we officially launch the [TANK NIAGARA] together with The Business Link and DEFYENEUR™ Erika Caspersen. This evening I will present the techniques behind ‘Absolute Visualization’.  Don’t miss out on this exciting launch and the last TANK of 2012 as we celebrate with a cast of DEFYENEURS.  Reserve your seat today by emailing gerry@redchairbranding.com or erika@erikacaspersen.com

Monday, November 5, 2012

Climb to your Greatness

Red Tip – The Climb to your Greatness

With less than two months until the start of a New Year, ask yourself the following question: “What one thing could I do today that if I did it, would propel me to a whole new level of greatness?” I often express to audiences; “It’s not where you are that matters but the direction that you are heading in.” This question is designed with the intention of helping you imagine a new level of greatness that you deserve. Recognize that the art of creating what you want most starts with [Imagination, Belief and Inspired Action]. Once you have imagined it, you have already created it. It’s time for you to take action on that one area of your life that you have been stalling on. Today I am extending you a ‘free pass’ to go deeper and imagine a new altitude for your potential. When 2013 rolls around, you will be ‘ready to receive’ since you have already generated the momentum that you need. The climb to your greatness is about to unfold within your incredible life and it will only happen by ‘living this question’ and then taking action. Becoming the architect of your life will drive your goals forward with passion, purpose and enthusiasm.

Congratulations to Edmonton, Alberta for launching your first inspired Thursday TANK on Nov.1. On Thursday November 29th, 2012 we are celebrating the launch of the TANK NIAGARA together with The Business Link and DEFYENEUR™ Erika Caspersen. Don’t miss out on this exciting launch and the last TANK of 2012 as we celebrate with a cast of DEFYENEURS. Reserve your seat today by emailing gerry@redchairbranding.com or erika@erikacaspersen.com