Why Time

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Communicate like a champion

Everyone inside of us has a story to share and a legacy to live - what is yours? What binds us all as a species is our need for connection and to be heard.  Each one of us has tremendous power to reach out and inspire others, this is our true calling and a global ROI that we can collectively forge.   This mornings WHY BLOG calls out to all the leaders that have the power to reach up (not down) and connect everyday people that feel alone and disconnected.  

As a leader your first priority is to see everyone as equals. Break down the hierarchy and lose the titles.  The only title that you need is: I'm here to serve you.  The power of communication and connection is what will advance this 'connection age' that we've been living in.  Mother Teresa lived with an ability and a mission to connect the loneliest of the lonely.  
As a leader there is a beautiful humility in surrendering the EGO that Edges God Out from your heart and does not serve your greater reason for being.  As a leader you have an ability and a choice to inspire others around you to look up a bit higher than they did yesterday.

Strive to communicate like a champion - What have you got to win?