Why Time

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Connect to your source

If you are feeling alone, disconnected then it's time to reconnect to your deeper source.  So what the hell is this source anyway? It's your deeper self. It's your nerve centre that was born already knowing what fires you up and grounds you. Your source whispers in your ear. It's the intuitive nudge from within. Your source is what connects you to everything else around you. 

So how do you stay connected to it? First, you need to set an intention to connect with it everyday.  Next, is to believe that you are far bigger than the meat suit you are wearing. You are a being of light and unbridled possibility.   Instead of hitting the snooze alarm - you can kick start your day by spending the first 15 minutes in complete stillness. Some call it meditation. It's hard at first pushing out all that noise inside your head.  Your source is far more powerful and staying connected to it provides you with the balance and flow that you're seeking.  

Another way to stay connected to your source is by saying NO to all the daily distractions and YES to only the few activities that bring you tremendous joy and a greater sense of purpose and meaning. Your source ~ it's in you to live.