Why Time

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What will you dream?

Here's to you. Here's to you for giving yourself permission to dream again. Here's to you for not waiting. You finally get it, you're ready to leap into life each day and take action. You're at this point in time holding this energy in your hands. You are among the few that we call dreamers and the world needs big dreamers right now. It takes a defying gravity kind of attitude to dream again because most of the world wants to hold you down. Those that defy gravity to create their one precious life push the human race forward and help us all aim higher. 

When you dream again you are sharing with the world that life is brilliant and brief. We all have only one shot so why not leap in each day to create your one extraordinary life. You don't need others to get it. You no longer have to allow others to steal your dream you can take action and make it happen now. It's ok to fall and fail as long as you love the whole ride.