Why Time

Sunday, August 20, 2017


What is the illusive treasure you are seeking? How will you know when you've arrived?

For the past several years you've sharpened your pick and polished your axe.  

Today, you may find yourself at a crossroad. You're asking yourself the BIGGER questions yet the answers are not coming to the surface. That's because they are buried deep within a place you've forgotten.  

Your long lost treasure is not found on a map. It's exists on the very spot you now stand.  It's your light and all knowing inner being. 

You are the treasure. You have the gift but you need to rip off the ribbons that have held you down from bursting into your greatness.  

The only map you need is the one that will re-connect your heart with the soul of the universe.   

It's this "unison of hearts" that will reveal the missing piece.  

The treasure you seek is your "way of being." This shiny jewel can't be found in the "doing."

We're all connected and you'll soon discover that we're all seeking the same thing, the answer to the only question that matters: "WHY am I here?"