Why Time

Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Freedom Philosophy

I started out my career in the field of architecture over 20 years ago thinking that this type of specialized work would lead to fortune and freedom. I quickly found myself working 12-15 hour days never seeing my family so I decided to create my own marketing company in 1999 and pursue a life as an entrepreneur. After years of chasing down thousands of projects and clients I came to the realization that I was now working for my staff and putting their needs before mine. Fast forward to 2007 when I decided to focus on my passion - to inspire people and their ideas to action. This intention led me to meeting Jack Canfield - the co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul Series and he mentored me on the power of time and money and having it work for me instead of the other way around. So many of us are taught to goto school, get a great education, find a job and work hard. The so called experts then tell us to get a house and pay your mortgage off as soon as possible and hey while you're at it, load up on as much RRSP's as possible. Here is what I have come to know - the path to freedom will never be the result of you working at a job 9-5 every single day. Life is way to short and the last thing I want to experience is going to a job in the dark and coming home in the dark or constantly chasing down the next project. 

It's time for the world to support a new freedom model for everyone. A path to freedom requires an understanding of the need to have multiple income streams in your life such as: investment, passive and residual incomes. Over 95% of people will never experience true freedom as a result of having only one linear income that requires them to exchange their time for money. See money as a life energy. Why would you give over 95% of your energy to making someone else wealthy - ie working for a boss day in and day out, worrying that you might make a mistake, you might get laid off or fired as a result of a poor performance review. You are worth so much more than that. I know what most of you are thinking - I love my job and my job loves me right? Well that's all great but what happens when downsizing kicks in or when the economy takes a downturn and your boss needs to make cuts - guess what you become a number. The path to freedom is taking 100% responsibility for YOUR life by creating and incorporating multiple streams of income you are then putting yourself onto a path of creating true profits which will always lead to fortune. Wages may help you temporarily create and sustain a lifestyle but incorporating smarter income streams like investment, passive and residual helps take time and money out of the equation and gets money working for you and not the other way around. 

Look at your life and the outcomes and start asking yourself how do you want to live? Who do you want to be and more importantly where do you want to allocate your precious energy?  

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Be happy NOW

Happiness is a choice. You either choose in this moment to be happy about absolutely everything in your life or you focus on the hundreds of little details that aren't current working. I meet so many people that think they will be happy when they are successful, when they get that promotion, when they get that mortgage approved or when the new BMW arrives. Don't get me wrong, goals and milestones are great but they are just markers and little flags in the distance to shoot for. Focus on living with a deeper purpose that drives your deeper WHY and in that state you will be at peace knowing that everyday is on purpose. 
Happiness is a state of mind and it will forever be an inside job. Start to master your thoughts , choose what to focus on and how you respond to the things coming at you. No one else has to change, they are showing up exactly the way they need to. 

The key to living a happy and fulfilled life is by taking 100% responsibility for you, your actions, your reactions, your choices and the habits you create. This is foundational stuff and it's daily just like life. It's always working and there is no power off button so you either choose happiness or you don't. I approach everyday as a miracle. I know what I want and deserve to receive, I take daily actions and I detach myself from the attachments. I focus on the outcomes that I want to experience and I discipline my dissapointment as I get they are just part of my journey towards excellence.  What I focus on expands, whether it's my inspirational work or my publications or my freedom team, I'm filled with joy for the PATH that I am now on. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Faith in Freedom

Love and fear cannot coexist in the mind simultaneously. They exist as polar opposites yet they both have the emotional charge to completely change the course of your life. They both influence which path and actions you take today, the habits that you form and the behaviours that shape your world. You have a choice today to let love and faith dominate your mind and fill up your heart. You have a choice to release the fear that has been holding you back and decide to master your life by listening to your inside voice and ignoring the naysayers. 

Faith is a belief in yourself and in the unseen - the life that you intend to create, will drive an intention so powerful that fear can no longer live inside of you. It is this faith that will create the freedom that you are seeking. No external level, promotion or mentor will be able to infuse you with this emotion. Your faith in yourself comes from within, it is always running 24-7 but it's upto you to thrust it to the forefront. It's upto you to hold it up in front of the light so you can remind yourself why you are here, now in this moment. You are already free. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Day 30 (30 days of Freedom) a wealthy mind

I conduct dozens of calls each week with people that want to create greater time and money freedom in their lives. They want to create life on their terms and play by their rules. They are tired of not getting anywhere in life. I ask them 3 specific questions: 1. What do you want to create for yourself? I then ask them to establish a specific date. 2. What do you want to change most in your life? 3. From 1 to 10, rank how confident you are in making those changes with your current plan. 
Here is the thing, 95% of people that I meet and speak with will never experience true freedom. They are very intelligent, quite often with several degrees but they have not cultivated a mindset for wealth and are not willing to commit to creating new habits to ignite change. 

So many people want change but they are not willing to put in the time to make the significant changes that will propel them forward. Are you ready to receive new levels of wealth and freedom? Repeat it now with me loudly: "I am ready to shift my mindset towards creating wealth. I am setting a powerful intention to attract, create and sustain high levels of wealth. I am ready to pay it forward and help others do the same."

When you change the way you look at wealth - the wealth in your life changes. See money as a concept, an idea no different than anything else you have created for yourself. Anybody can change their relationship with money if they choose to. The key to cultivating a wealth mindset is to develop new success habits practiced and repeated daily. Avoid doing the same thing over and over that you have been doing and replace it with momentum building activities that will move your life, wealth and freedom forward. Once you commit to cultivating and nurturing this mindset everything in your life changes. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Day 29 (30 days to freedom) Aim High & Fly

I love spending time with incredible people that lift me up so I can soar to the skies. I drift off to sleep every night reflecting on the greatness of the day. I leap out of bed each morning ready to embrace life and contribute my gifts to it. Life is so brilliant when you embrace the flow and energy of it. In 2007 when I was mentored by Jack Canfield, co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul series and author of the Success Principles I learned how to fixate on the end prize of what I wanted to create. 

Everyday aim higher by no longer settling for an ordinary way of living. It doesn't matter where you currently are what matters most is the direction that you are heading in.  Aim to be extraordinary for that is where you belong. Greatness is inside of you and playing it safe no longer serves your bigger dreams. It's ok to feel a bit of fear for stepping into the unknown we all have to do it if we want to leap to the next level. Playing it safe is ok but it doesn't lead to greatness. Aiming high and knowing you are meant to fly pushes the human race forward. By you defying gravity it lifts us all up. If you recognize that everything in your life has brought you to this present moment then you will embrace it as the greatest gift of your extraordinary life. 

Pour yourself into others and become the inspired rocket fuel that will help propel them to the moon.  Today and everyday, stretch into your greatness one inch at a time. Go the extra mile and believe in yourself - you are the only one that needs to get it. Today aim high and fly to the stars for it's where you belong. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Freedom as a state of mind.

The path to financial, emotional and spiritual freedom starts with a shift in mindset. What holds over 95% of people back from truly becoming financially free is fear. Within all of us lives one or several types of fears that we have not mastered: poverty, being criticized, becoming ill, losing a loved one, growing old or dying. The 6 fears are explained in depth in Napoleon Hill's book titled: Think and Grow Rich. The path to achieving freedom extends far beyond any type of work or career. It's about taking 100% responsibility for your life and control of your thoughts and mastering your fears. 

To receive the freedom that you desire you must set the intention to first empty your mind of the fear from years of conditioning that have influenced your choices and ultimately created the life that you now experience.  We call this: taking out the trash (see Peaceful Warrior written by Dan Millmann) which is all that junk and past thoughts that continue to hold you back from taking action and going through life as a creator of freedom - one who has mastered the power of their mind. This is the greatest opportunity for your life - to free up your spirit and your mind so you can pursue anything and everything that your heart desires. 

The key is to start and become aware of these fears that have been holding you back for so many years. With daily practice like listening to these audio blogs you are able to set more purposeful intention for the life that you wish to create. The most successful people live with a sense of definiteness. Desire and intention are the corner stones of freedom. You have to want it as much as you want to live. No one will do the work for you however, the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls the minute you start to believe in you, set the intention to clear your mind of the fears that have held you back - in this state you are already free. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Feel the FEAR and do it anyway

What does the bigger picture of your life look and feel like? What is your heart craving? What do you need to embrace? Are you truly living the life that you dreamed of so many years ago? Think about it for a moment, you had an idea of how, where, who and why you wanted to be. The vision was clear in your mind. The people and resources were sent your way and all you had to do was leap in and take action and maintain the momentum. If you are listening or reading this WHY BLOG then you believe that you are still meant for more. Playing it safe under the control of others no longer serves you. You are ready NOW not in a few months when you are not so busy, but now.  You don't have much time none of us really do. So get busy with the life that you want to create.  What have you got to Win? How about your life. 

Several years ago I made a conscious choice to create my life. The work and the creation that I wanted to be and remembered for inspired my way.  Did I feel fear? Hell yea but that is a normal emotion and if you feed it then it expands that's just the law of the universe. Instead I chose to focus solely on what I could control. What did I know for certain in each moment of my creation? That I was alive, brilliant and creative and I could move past any obstacle. I have an expression - be what you seek. Years later I continue to live a life of inspiration, authoring 13 books with 4 more on the go, publishing the most inspiring magazine and book series, Defyeneurs and travelling the globe inspiring everyday people to do extraordinary things. 

Make your one mark on this world. Make your dream life the new normal and your new comfort zone. Don't settle until you have arrived and you know what you just have. By taking action today, believing it is possible and that you deserve it will allow you to create freedom in your life. You will push through the fear knowing that you are giving the world the greatest gift - you're unconditional love and belief in yourself.  Not everyone has to get it - only you. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Day 28 (30 days to Freedom) Release your fears

When you are up to really great things new emotions will start to surface: fear, anxiety, discomfort, limiting beliefs. Recognize that these are ALL normal emotions. It's easy to suppress your passion and play it safe, but here is the thing, that does not lead to greatness. When you live with a state of urgency for your life then you have to be intentional with the life you want to create. 

Every thought is a creation. Everytime you give into low energy emotions like fear you are attracting more of it. The key is to release the fear. Grab that Samurai sword and slice up those fears that don't serve you. Focus instead on allocating your energy towards what you WISH to create in the present moment.  There is a common denominator within the most successful people - they decide what they want most, they take powerful daily action by creating new success habits and condition their mind, body and soul on a regular basis. They feel the fear, hey we all do but then we release it, we don't sit with it, we strive to create and fuel our sub concious minds with greater emotions like: desire, love, passion and intention. This is what leads to living an extraordinary life. 

Grow and stretch into your greatness and push through the pain to create the life you desire. 

Day 27 (30 days to Freedom) Acknowledge your accomplishments.

We meet so many people that have not learned how to receive. Think about it - do you receive compliments? How many this week have you accepted?  Have you patted yourself on the back for doing a great job? Seriously, most people will never take the time to contemplate what they want most in life. The ones that do - won't take the necessary action for fear of failing. The ones that act avoid keeping up the momentum and daily persistence with the actions that got them there. Finally, over 90% of people that do visualizing, act and maintain block themselves from receiving their greatness. Why? They don't feel they deserve success - they are often living in the past.  

To get what you want in life you have to start conditioning your mind for success through receiving. This is a 100% inside job. No workshop, course or words of encouragement from your leader will do it for you. You have to master your inside voice and thoughts of receiving to master your life. Start with the awareness that every thought is a creation. When you allow fear, regret, anger and jealousy to dominate your daily thoughts then that is what you will continue to receive. You can change your outcomes by getting highly intentional with your thoughts. Focus instead on success, gratitude, love, positivity on a daily basis and start to flood your sub concious with those receiving thoughts and witness the miracles that start to appear in your life. 

Today, see it as a miracle. Add reminders on your phone and throughout your home to think and act in a new and positive way. Start receiving compliments as they appear but without expectation. Everyday look in the mirror and smile and tell yourself how great you are doing. Fill yourself up with love so you can overflow with greatness. Receiving is as important as giving. Read the following affirmation daily: "I am giving and receiving love everyday."

Day 26 (30 days to freedom) Plan a trip of Renewal

Periods of peak performance need to be balanced with times of deep renewal. I'm not talking about planting yourself in front of the TV for an 18 hour marathon - I'm referring to deep, soul food for your mind. As one who chooses to inspire others as way of being I'm often in a massive state of giving to others, don't get me wrong, I love giving but I often find myself depleted of energy so I need to continually balance it with deep renewal. 

I recommend scheduling in daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly renewal routines. For me it's going to bed earlier, journalling a day of gratitude then reading for 45 minutes and drifting off to sleep with visions of all that I am grateful for. Every morning, I wake up at 5:00 am, and invoke my hour of power - 30 minutes of meditation followed by 30 minutes of physical exercise. This daily success habit feeds my mind, body and soul. It allows me to be present to create this daily morning BLOG together with my love Angela. 

We kick off our weeks with our drive and dream Mondays, I love it, great inspiring audio CDs and the open road to dream up new possibities for our life. In a few weeks we are off to sunny Long Beach California where we will set the intention to renew and re-energize so we can be even more on fire for our freedom team.  Angela and I love the people we choose to surround ourselves with. We love the greatness that we  create in this world, our inspired publications, our global speaking tour, our coaching and our freedom team that we are cultivating. Everyday is a miracle for us and filled with great intention for the way we want to show up in this world. 

Today plan to incorporate deep renewal into your life. Make it a ritual and top priority. Give to yourself on a regular basis so you can receive the greatness that you deserve. 

Day 25 (30 days to freedom) Treat someone like gold

My greatest joy always comes from pouring myself into others. If I am not reaching out and inspiring others everyday then I am wasting my time here on this earth. I believe that we were all meant for more and together we can unlock our hidden potential. When I start each day from a mindset of helping others then I attract the most extraordinary opportunities. When I surrender to the flow and the energy of the universe and my intention to improve peoples lives then my life changes. It's far to easy to continue on simply worrying about myself and what can I get out of this. Living with an 'it's all about me' attitude leads to a lonely and uninspired path of only you. 

We are not separate, this world that we all have been given the opportunity to be a part of to contribute our unique gifts is a daily miracle. When we all live from a 'serving others' mindset our world changes. We are all born as creators with exceptional gifts that will push the human race forward. Once we surrender to that energy with a relentless belief that we are all connected, we will forge a new ROI for the world - built upon the premiss of Reaching Out and Inspiring Others is a necessity of life. 

Today, treat someone like Gold. Ask them what they need to embrace. Show them that they are not alone. Reach out and touch others by pouring yourself into them and witness the power of your inspiring gift as it turns to gold. Then, teach others to do the same. 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Day 24 TGIF: Thank God It's Freedom

As we prepare to launch the most inspiring issue of Defyeneurs MAG we are super pumped about shifting the worlds perspective on Freedom. The Freedom issue extends far beyond corporate promises and retirement villas at age. 55. It's a way of being in this world, and your heart, mind and souls recognition that you are meant for more. To get on the path to freedom you need to ignite your passion and purpose so you can contribute your deeper WHY with the world. You are not meant to be enclosed in a windowless cubicle subservient to someone's rules hoping that you won't be the one that gets let go so your company can satisfy it's shareholders. 

2% annual raises don't lead to greatness. What leads to greatness and freedom is you taking 100% responsibity for your life, your choices and your actions. Say it in the mirror today as you are driving to work in a sea of cars - it's what I did years ago before I lived a life of inspiration. "I am taking 100% responsibility for the life that I want to create. I am moving myself forward today believing in myself and that I am meant for more. I am surrounding myself with new and exciting people that want the best for me." Say it over and over again. I am meant for more. I am beautiful, whole, perfect, strong and loving. 

This is your time to create freedom in your life. It's not a destination but rather a way of being, an energy and a mantra. Become what you are seeking. Free up your life to receive the freedom that you deserve. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Stop waiting for someday

Tell me if this sounds familiar to you. Someday I will have the time.
Someday I will have the debt paid off. Someday I will meet the love of my life. 
Someday I will have enough money to do what I am dreaming of doing now. Someday I will focus on me. 
Someday I will create my own company. 
Someday I will feel worthy to receive love. 
Someday I will forgive others.  
Someday I will stop being afraid.  Someday I will read that book.  
Someday I will complete that project. Someday I will be seen by my boss. Someday I will land that perfect job. Someday I will be discovered...

What if that someday was taken away? Your someday is NOW, here in this present moment. This is your one and only someday and when you add them all up you will live a remarkable life today.