Why Time

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


I recently delivered an inspirational talk to an explosive group of leaders.  They had been together for two days, connecting at whole new levels.  The event was beautifully planned and executed.  I was honoured to be the closing key note with one primary mission: Inspire the HELL out of this crowd. Needless to say my closing key note really hit a home run. It was chalk-full of raw and enthusiastic energy.  With every key note the inspiration starts well in advance.  Weeks of contemplation, research with the client and deep meditation on what I want the audience to experience.  

I've come to the realization that an event can be a powerful catalyst to ignite real change.  They possess tremendous 'sticky power' that inspires a team to live the energy far after the event has concluded. An event can be a living, breathing fury of energy.  Sure they come and go but an event that places inspiration at the forefront with a goal of reconnecting its leaders to WHY they exist and what really matters, can take an organization to whole new levels. 

There are 5 main capillaries that are nourished by an organizations WHY POWER - serving as the nerve centre and oxygen source: 1) Innovative thinking  2) Collaboration 3) Communication 4) Brand Essence 5) Culture.  

Collectively, these 5 capillaries become a symbiotic energy that creates and fuels a thriving tribe.  This energy breathes life in to an organizations life force.  It's a daily reminder to connect everyone to the reason they exist and in this fast-paced connection age that we live in, its even more essential that you STICK with what matters.  

The inspiration and connection of your team at newer and deeper levels needs to make its way to the top of the heap. Stick with what matters and lead yourself and your team knowing WHY.