Why Time

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Day 18 (30 Days of Reinvention) Share your intention

Recognize that all of your past actions, thoughts and intentions have led you to this place. If you are actually listening or reading this mornings 30 day REINVENTION post then you believe that you are meant for more. Most people believe they have no control over their lives. They live in a sea of illusion and hope that things will turn out just right, we call that survival mode. 

This is your time to get intentional with what you wish to create in your life. You are the maestro of your magnificence. You write your sonnet and you are the gifted performer that we all want to emulate. While others are watching your performance from the sidelines, wondering how you made it to this point you simply nod your head and smile knowing that it was your intention that allowed you to defy gravity and define yourself. 

Today, share your intention for what you wish to create and how you want to be in all areas of your life. Where do you intend to live? Who do you intend to love? How much wealth do you intend to accumulate? Intention is your back stage pass to universal energy. It is your token permitting you to board the train that will get you onto the path that you need to be on. You are magnificence in motion and an unstoppable force. You are bound for greatness and the world needs you to become aware of why you are here. 

Today, share with Angela and I what your intention is and allow us to be your megaphone so we can shout your GREATNESS from the roof tops.