Why Time

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Diversifying Freedom

The Toronto Star recently reported that the Bank of Nova Scotia is cutting1500 jobs across Canada. I recall meeting some of these employees at one of my recent talks and they shared with me how much they 'love their Job.' When I asked them what they were most passionate about they just went silent. The conditioned response for most people is to express this kind of emotion. What they won't tell you is they dislike driving to work in the dark and coming home in the dark with no time freedom. What they may avoid sharing is they have no real plan for creating financial freedom. I'm not talking about RRSP's here or mutual funds that you won't be able to access until 30-40 years from now - no, I'm talking about creating true freedom by incorporating 3 wealth building streams: Investment | Passive | Residual. Here is the thing - everyday that goes by and you are still trading your life energy for time and money is a day wasted and that you will never get back. 

You can shift your mindset by focusing on building and incorporating these multiple income streams. Over 95% of your 'friends' will not get this concept - they may tell you they want success but they are not willing to push outside their comfort zone, get off the couch, fire that life sucking job and develop a new wealth mindset. They rather go through life letting others control them with pay checks, performance reviews and 2% raises. The key to diversifying your freedom is to start focusing on bringing in multiple income streams - start with something like relationship marketing in the right industry (I prefer the $trillion dollar Anti-aging market) - this will allow you to build a strong thriving network or tribe over the next 12 months eventually compounding your time and effort to a point where your teams efforts will be paying you. Relationship marketing is a great vehicle for creating a separate income stream that eventually you can flow into investment real estate. 

Surround yourself with people that have done it well and model their actions and their systems you don't have to reinvent anything new just avoid doing the same thing over and over again expecting new  results. 

Confidence in Freedom

When was the last time that you truly felt an extraordinary sense of confidence within yourself? You could take on any challenge and opportunity without worrying what others would think or say about you - the world was your play ground. You didn't care about being perfect or failing or falling, the only thing you cared about was showing the world just how shiny you are. Perhaps somewhere along your journey in life you got lost, unsure and uncertain of who you have become. Here is the thing, you are still you, perhaps a few dress sizes different and a bit scratched up but you still can dream and create your life your way. You don't need to live with any more regret - you have given enough energy to it and what you know for certain is that it does not serve you. 

Today sit in quiet stillness, close your eyes and see yourself floating above the clouds - an incredible lightness fills your heart and you feel a greater sense of freedom in letting go of all the energy from the past. Your confidence and your personal power does not lie in your future it is here and in this moment where you define yourself. It is now where you surrender to something bigger than your worries and become aware that you are meant for more. You deserve to be happy, free and confident to pursue those dreams that you have put on hold waiting for someday. You no longer need to hold yourself back, you don't have to wait from becoming what you are seeking. You are loved unconditionally and you are never alone - no one is ever alone.