Why Time

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Day 9: Create a positive physical state

What is the state of your mind? How are you choosing to handle discomfort and adversity? Are you fueling your dreams and desires with it or are you letting it hold you down from becoming the person you know you can be. Everything you are receiving is the result of the thoughts you choose and the actions you take. Become intentional with creating a positive physical state - it ultimately impacts your mental, emotional and spiritual state-of-mind. 

Every morning dedicate yourself to creating your hour of power. Make this time your masterpiece and let it fuel your day. Summon your greatness by conditioning your mind body and soul. Let it inject new levels of self-awareness and fuel your passion and purpose. To reach new levels of greatness requires new levels of physical well-being. See your body not just as a physical machine but as a sacred temple housing your spirit that is meant to aim high and fly. 

Day 8: Share your dream

When you share your intention with others great things start to happen and your world begins to open. The chapter of your life that you wish to write begins to unfold. The train that will take you to your destination appears. The people that will surround and lift you up begin to surface. This is the power of becoming intentional with yourself and the world you wish to create. You are the architect of your brilliant life. You are the conductor, you set the course. You are the composer, you create the notes. You are the author, you create the next verse. 

Today share your dream with the world. We need to know where you're going and we're standing by to lift you up.