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Monday, April 4, 2011

Hamilton InspiRED

As Canada's Creative Coach - my goal is to creatively inspire people and ideas to action. During my key notes I often talk about the importance of inspiring our youth in creating their own opportunities. Many of us as you know, were not taught in school the power of creating market opportunities or cultivating our inner creativity. This past weekend I had the pleasure of spending quality time with some really great friends, The Rangers in Ancaster, Ontario, Canada. My 10th Creative Law as you know is to live life with passion and spending great time with friends like the Rangers is exactly what that's all about. Great food, great wine and inspiring conversation is always at the centre of our visits.

I was inspired by two young people this weekend, one was my 10 year old daughter Sophie and the second was a nine year old boy named Solly Ranger. I was invited on Saturday April 2, 2011 as a guest on the CHML radio station (900am) by Judy Marsales of Judy Marsales Real estate to speak about my inspirational approach. I was so pleased that I was able to bring my 10 year old daughter Sophie with me to be a part of the show. Everyone in the radio booth made Sophie feel like a part of the experience. Sophie has managed to start a band with two of her best friends called [NOTESTRUCK]. Sophie has invested hours in building her own website that is attracting a ton of buzz. This is what inspired action is all about - tapping in to your creative side and taking action with enthusiasm and passion and building momentum. I have no doubt that Sophie and her friends will make NOTESTRUCK a big success. We can all learn a great lesson from Sophie and her friends - the power of inspired action and going after the things that you want most. When I was in grade two (not that long ago-right!) I used to day dream a lot about new ideas and inventions. Let's just say that form of past-time was not well accepted from my teachers who would frequently slap me in the side of the head. When my two daughters are in that state of creativity- I simply tell them to close their eyes and have fun. One of my new quotes is [The world needs more DREAMERS so create what it is that you want most in life]. Keep up the great work Sophie - Dad is so proud of you. To learn more about the band NOTESTRUCK please visit http://www.notestruck.webs.com/

The next dose of inspiration this weekend came to me in a massive wave while I was spending the afternoon with my good friends - The Rangers. Their son, Solly Ranger only nine years old presented me with a line of 100% duct tape based products. I could not believe my eyes when he first presented me with a bouquet of flowers in different colours totally made out of duct tape. Next was a man's wallet that he created for his dad - complete with photo insert and multiple compartments. The last item was a pair of slippers. I was so inspired with Solly's creative imagination to conceive the idea and also in his efforts to flawlessly execute on the products. Solly is a true inspiration to us all and as a 9 year old entrepreneur the future is one that he will [STICK] to quite nicely. I have included a photo of Solly's famous duct tape tulip bouquet. I look forward to promoting Solly where I can and helping cultivate his creativity.

Keep up the great work Solly - this is just the start for you.

Photo Credits - Above left - Solly Ranger - Duct Tape bouquet.

Above right - Sophie Visca - Singer - NOTESTRUCK