Why Time

Monday, May 4, 2015

Day 14: Create positive affirmations

What are you filling your mind with everyday? Are you reaffirming that you are on the right path and surrounded by greatness? Are you constantly telling yourself that you are looking for great people that are looking for you? Do you believe that money flows to you easily and effortlessly? When you wake up every morning are you declaring to the universe that you are creating your desired life? Everyday you have an extraordinary opportunity to make it better than the last by believing and casting your intention out into the universe. Everyday you are moving yourself one step closer to the realization of your bigger goals. Every moment that you affirm you are living your passion and your purpose pulls your future self closer to you. 

Today recreate your list of affirmations. These are the powerful messages and suggestions that connect your subconscious mind to the unseen forces that lay dormant ready to be ignited. We can all access this powerful energy and use it to propel us forward and it's what the most successful people on the planet clearly understand.  Declare with passion,  desire, sheer enthusiasm and a definite purpose that you are here now and on your path to acheiving greatness. Look in the mirror and declare with certainty that you love who you are and what you are creating. State the affirmation in the present and kick it off with the words: 'I am' and fill in the blank. When creating your affirmations avoid using words like 'I want or I hope' these phrases are not powerful enough to access and ignite the sub-conscious mind. You are a creator of your life. You are the maestro, you compose the notes, you write the story and the pages of your brilliant life. It's time to see it that way.