Why Time

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Do what you love

Can it be that simple? Do only the things that bring you joy.  Let's just imagine that for a moment.  Everyday is filled with doing ONLY the things that you love. How sweet would that taste?   

Why wouldn't you want to exist this way, everyday?  We get so trapped by doing things simply for fear of missing out.  We sign up, enroll and invest in things just because others tell us we should.   In my latest book titled: I Don't Know What the HELL I'm Doing!  I pose a question: How will you celebrate your gifts? 

Inside of you is a soft chewy centre.  When you finally arrive at it, you will unwrap the most delicious part of yourself.  Your unique ability - the STUFF that really makes up the REAL part of you.  The reason it's so bloody hard to get to it, is that you've probably lived your whole life doing everything but the things that truly bring you joy.  You're not alone! 

I don't know how many summers you've got left, but I bet you would rather spend them doing only the things that get you leaping out of bed!