Why Time

Monday, June 13, 2016

Keep climbing...

Is the climb that you're making worth it?  Is it going to take you to a place that truly fills up your heart?  

Is the climb going to give you the love that you're seeking?  Is it going to help you replace the fear with love? 

Is the climb going to inspire all those around you to do the same? Will you take their hand and pull them up next to you, climbing hand in hand? 

If you answered yes than lace up those boots, look up and don't stop.  It takes just one step more, then another and another...eventually you'll be standing proudly on that mountain top with your arms stretched out high.  You have arrived.  

Most people will never finish the climb. Some won't even start.  Most of the ones that do, get dragged back down from the weight of others from the fear of being left behind.  This isn't you.  You have to break free and let go of the energy that's been holding you down all of these years.  

You're ready to defy gravity by defining yourself! You're ready for the climb.  You are summoning a new kind of inspiration that's pushing you upward.  It's easy to stop the climb but you know where that path leads.  You've already been there. 

Keep looking up.