Why Time

Monday, September 19, 2016

What if?

Throughout your whole life, you've probably rationalized the reasons for not stepping into the life you desire to create.  What if you flipped the switch and imagined What If? 

You've probably heard the word 'NO' over 100,000 times since your first diaper change. What if all you need is one 'YES' from you? 

You've probably been turned down, fired, downsized, super sized dozens of times throughout the course of defining who you are.  What if your discomfort became your greatest catalyst for growth? 

You've lived with: 'What have I got to lose?' What if you asked yourself: What have I got to win?  

Somewhere along your journey, you've allowed fear to dominate your thoughts.  Years ago you only knew joy and possibility.  The world was your oyster and nothing could close you up.  

What if you allowed unconditional love to once again surge throughout your veins.  What could you accomplish with the time you have left? 

What if the world became aware of you!