Why Time

Monday, February 27, 2017

Less but better

Less but better 

When did it all start for you?  When did bigger suddenly become better? 

Didn't you come into this world with nothing but the light of your purpose?  

When did everything else suddenly become more consequential?  

When will it be enough?  When the natural resources are completely depleted?  When the banks stop spitting our bills?   How about when you're lying 6 feet under!  

I'm pretty sure you can't take any of that important 'stuff' with you.   

Here's what I believe will live on. Your legacy of passion and purpose.  That's what they will talk about at the water cooler.  Not about the crap that you spent so much of your life energy pursuing.  

There gonna share the difference you made to the growth of humanity and a better world for the next generation.  Isn't that why we are here in the first place?   

I know, it's hard to see it through the concrete forest of shopping malls, but it's there.  

We all have it, that light that brought us into this world. Just like most things that matter, pretty soon it'll be gone.