Why Time

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Communicate Masterfully

Law no.9 to drive your WHY - Communicate Masterfully. I delivered two inspiring talks this past week all focused on posture and engagement. Today more than ever people want to connect with hearts. They want to feel connected to something BIGGER and know that their contribution means something. People want to be led by leaders that clearly understand WHY. Think about the brands that you admire and WHY. I'm a big fan of Apple and Starbucks - I feel connected to their core values. I feel they understand me and always work toward creating an experience that connects with my heart. I feel their leadership and I am inspired to be a brand ambassador. 

Communicate Masterfully means getting more REAL with your WHY. Remember, people don't but WHAT or HOW you do it but WHY you do it. Open up and strive to engage people by connecting with their heart - it's called being human.