Why Time

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

What am I DOING with my life?

Over the past year I've started to track the common responses from my audiences and the extraordinary people that I coach - what repeatedly comes to the surface is the question - what am I going to do with my life? I love this question and how it cuts through the noise and forces you to become self-aware.  I've repeated this statement in previous BLOGS - The greatest gift you can give anyone is the gift of enlightenment - to know WHY you are here. I call this having a purpose. Sadly over 95% of people will continue going through life suffering needlessly by never stepping into living this question and believing they don't have control over the life they wish to create.

The first step is to re-frame the 'doing ' part of the question to What do I want to be? Unfortunately as a society we have conditioned ourselves to believe that we are defined by what we DO rather than who we desire to be. We kick off conversations with job titles, ranks or promotions - even our business cards reflect this energy of doing. Whether I'm having a conversation WITH an audience or a coaching client I always lead with WHY are you here? What are you so passionate about creating? How and why do you want to be of service to others? What are the outcomes that you want to experience in this brief thing called life

Take 100% responsibility for the life that you have a desire to create - Lead yourself and others knowing WHY. Look into your heart and be the joy that you wish to receive. Don't sell your time to someone else - create and design a life that ignites your soul and is filled with passion, purpose and meaningful outcomes. 

Develop yourself

How can you expect more from others without first expecting the same greatness from yourself? For the past year I have immersed myself into why the top leaders do what they do. I call it lead knowing WHY. Being happy is a choice just like choosing to lead others to seek happiness. A commitment towards developing yourself starts the moment you come to the realization that we are all connected and not living separate lives. You may feel alone today, disconnected and as if the world has left you behind. Here is the thing - no one else has to change, they are doing their best from their own state of consciousness. The key to living with greater inner peace is changing the way you look at things in the moment. Commit today to surrounding yourself with people that want to lift you up and show you the way. Developing yourself is a never ending journey towards enlightenment. It's why we are all here, now in this moment. Contrary to what mass media and big box retailers will have you believe, we are not on this earth to pay more bills and consume every natural resource simply to super size the physical aspect of our lives.  We are here to make our mark on this world by adding our richness to it. We contribute to others when we commit to developing ourselves and leading others to do the same. When we lift others up into the light the world becomes even brighter. This is our calling to supersize our spiritual growth so we can grow and stretch one another to become the best possible versions of ourselves. 

Today, commit to getting onto a path of developing yourself. Start by simply listening and sharing this mornings BLOG. See every bit of discomfort as your greatest teaching and unfolding of the greatest chapter of your life.  This is your gift to us all.