Why Time

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Jump in puddles

Not too long ago you may remember the day you put on your favorite yellow or red rain boots with your favourite rain jacket waiting with anticipation to leap up into the air and land into the most exciting water puddle! 

The sounds of the splash and the dispersion of waterdrops everywhere made you feel alive. Your greatest intention at the time was to get wet make a mess and create the greatest splash ever seen by the human eye. You felt free and alive in this moment. You leaped with no fear. You encouraged your brothers and sisters and friends to join you and do the same. The rain puddles became your playground. You were the leader of your tribe and the master of your universe. 

Then you decided to grow up and leave the freedom of your play land.  Somewhere between the age of four and 40 you allowed gravity to take a hold of you. You avoid the rain puddles whenever you can for fear of making a mess. You control your world for fear of having the world control you. You may have forgotten the sense of letting go, leaning in and sometimes getting wet. 

To live the life that you have imagined, the one that you desire and crave, means you need to take chances and sometimes jump without a net. It's okay to fail and get messy, the world loves that and we've got your back. You won't know how far you can splash or how high you can jump until you make the leap. This means you have to get out of your comfort zone and out of the world that you've created for yourself. You made the choices to avoid the water puddles and you hung up your raincoat. You prefer to stay indoors during a rainfall waiting for the light to shine. In actual fact it's not the dark clouds that most of us fear it's stepping out into the light for others to see just how shiny our boots really are. 

You know who you want to be, you've always known it. Now is your time to lean in, bend down, make that leap and create the biggest splash of your life. Don't worry, the ones that matter will be there with you with their rain boots on and holding your hand as we all look out and make the jump of our lives. 

Let's get wet.