Why Time

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Fear is a choice

There is so much untapped potential inside of you. Perhaps you have an untold story, an unrealized idea that would change us all? Perhaps there is someone that needs to hear that you love them. Is there a song inside of you that needs to come out? Most of us hold ourselves back for fear of the unknown or for failure. What will people think of you? There are hundreds of messages that your inner voice is telling you. Messages like; "play it safe or just remain in your comfort zone." 

What ever is holding you back from stepping into the greatest chapter of your life is simply a story that you have been telling yourself repeatedly. You no longer have to wait and be a spectator of everyone else's life. The key is to feel the fear and do it anyway. Fear will always be present in our lives. We have conditioned ourselves to live with fear. The great artists are the ones that are aware of the fear but they allocate way more energy towards creating their art and stepping into new areas of discomfort. They fail, fail again and then fail better. They pick themselves up, dust themselves off and learn from the failure. They readjust their strategy and their target by getting more creative. If you have not fallen you have not challenged your potential. If you're not failing, you are not seeing the doors of possibility. These new doors of opportunity become present when you take action and believe in yourself. 

Fear is simply a story we self-create in our minds. See fear as an energy. You will always have a choice to feed the fear, give it thoughts and allow it to control and consume you or you can ground yourself in the present moment and face it head on. All you have is this moment. Think about it, your past has passed and the future hasn't made it's way to you just yet no matter how much you think about it. What you do have is this moment to live, create, take chances and ask yourself what if? 

You know how to play it safe, you've done it well your whole life. You know that there is something more exciting on the other side waiting to be explored. You  are becoming aware of a deeper passion and you are ready to define a purpose for yourself. You are ready to define yourself, challenge the status quo and make your mark on this world. This is your time to shine, your time to challenge yourself and to face the fears that have been holding you back. Ask yourself, What Have I Got to Win?

Become aware of the life around you

So many extraordinary gifts surround us each and everyday. Opportunities reveal themselves in response to our intention of what we want to create. How are you recognizing these opportunities? How will you act on them? The choices we make influence the habits we form which ultimately shapes our behaviour. It's this concious effort towards becoming aware of our lives that shapes our attitude towards how we wish to live everyday. Become aware of what you have asked for and what your heart desires. Your thoughts and emotions become powerful actions that are always alive and in motion. It's this daily awareness that attracts the people, circumstances and opportunities to you. 

How are you recognizing and appreciating your one precious life?  How are you celebrating the people around you? How are you making a difference in their lives. 

Awareness is a powerful key towards unlocking our greatest potential. Most people can go through their entire lives unaware of the beauty that surrounds them. The greatest love of your life can be standing right next to you this morning at Starbucks but perhaps you're to immersed into yourself to take notice. Most of us rush through life never really experiencing it.  These people are hoping for the next experience to blast in through the door to wake them up. To experience your life, you have to be willing to listen to your heart beating and feel every breath. To live a life of happiness you have to decide in this moment to feel and be happy now. To experience your greatest life you have to be your life, participate in it, nurture yourself and the ones around you. This is the time to taste every moment of your life. 

Act like an App

I recently fell in love with my new iPhone FIVE C. I'm not much for having the latest gadget and I love living simply. After spending months digesting the autobiographies of Steve Jobs and Apple's chief industrial designer Jony Ive, I came to a deeper appreciation for the WHY behind Apple. This is what drew me  into the Apple culture. 

Having used a Blackberry for years I never really had a desire for apps until my new relationship with my FIVE C. What I love about the specific apps that I have chosen like the one I'm currently using to write my daily YLOG, is how streamlined the functionality is. The app only provides the primary features that you need to create great art. The app designers have defined and captured the core essence of the main functionality and created a simple and highly intuitive means for me to create great art.  I actually prefer creating my YLOGS, multi media and Social Media activities exclusively through my FIVE C. It has become a natural extension of my creativity and my inspiration. This is Apple's WHY and it connects with my WHY and enables me to live it. I don't buy because of HOW and WHAT, I only buy with WHY. 

There are some great learnings from living your WHY with a similar mindset as to that of an app. The key learning is to simplify your WHY and the actions that fuel it. Look at your life right now from a lens of simplification and remove all of the stuff (regrets, fears, commitments, debts, monthly bills, TV watching and copious amounts of procrastination). You came into this world with absolutely nothing and you will leave this world with nothing. So why accumulate so much baggage? How is this way of being serving you and your pursuit for freedom? It's what you crave, we all do, to have a greater sense of peace and flow in our lives and living with greater passion and purpose only pursuing the things that we love and that speak to our soul. 

This is what I want for you and it's what I chose for me, it's my way of BEING. So I've decided to be a FIVE C. I want my audiences, readers and clients to experience my WHY in a similar way: 

Feeling great, Intuitiveness and ease of access, Vision, Energy and Creativity. This is my new measure for experiencing my WHY, my point of differentiation, my new manifesto, my FIVE C. 

So, what are you working on?

I meet so many wonderful people following a key note and they share with me they want to inspire others. They want to write a book and inspire audiences on stage. I ask them what they're working on and how much energy they are allocating to their craft. The responses are typically consistent: "I have a full time job, I don't have the time, I am a single parent and have to pay the bills." 

We all have the same 24 hours in a day. The only difference is what we choose to act on during those 24 hours. We all have something greater that we want to share with the world. We all have the ability to make better choices that are aligned with our deeper purpose. We all can decide how we want to live and the legacy that we want to create. Our daily choices and habits influence our actions and our behaviours which ultimately affect the outcomes in our lives. 

It's this mindset that separates the performers from the spectators. From the acheivers to the non-believers. To become what you seek in life you have to take daily, weekly and monthly action. No one is going to do it for you. You have to believe that your gifts are worth sharing with others. Fixate on the end prize and allocate consistent energy to that which you wish to create. What you focus on expands.

Go get busy and start working on the most extraordinary chapter of your life.