Why Time

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Day 10: Read your vision each day

What have you asked the universe for? What is the bigger vision for your life? It's not enough to ask for it once. You have to nurture and feed your mind with it everyday. The greatest minds that came long before us never stopped fixating on their vision. Walt Disney built massive models of his dream park concepts and every morning he would sit, stare, imagine and believe it was possible. You have to WILL your WHY into existence by taking daily action every single day. Everyday I carry around a pocket journal with me and I start off my morning reading aloud the three things I am creating in my life. I look at the accompanying visuals pasted in my journal and I take powerful action by feeling my vision into existence. I know that I am the architect of my life and everyday I am fired up to be and live it. Thank you for today.