Why Time

Monday, March 7, 2016

What are you looking at?

Everyday we have a choice to take one more step towards the direction of creating our lives. It's easy to get distracted and taken off courses. What are you choosing to look at everyday? What visuals, words and vision boards are you surrounding yourself with, reminding you of the path that you set out on? You have to [fixate] on the end prize.  See and feel the end result as if it's already occurred.  
I like to think of these visual reinforcements as 'cue cards' for the life that I'm creating.  When I look at them
I feel that I've already created it and you know what - I have! The moment that I lit the candle and ignited an intention to be a creator of my life, is the moment that my intention became realized.   Everyday I let the energy of the universe flow through me.  I'm at peace and in flow with it. This knowing guides my inspired actions and keeps me fixated on the end prize.  

What do you need to look at everyday to help keep you on track?