Why Time

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Day 6 (30 days of reinvention) Live your Passion

Ask any successful person that you admire and they will tell you that it's their passion that got them to where they are. Just think about it, you are doing the same thing over and over so unless you are on fire about it and filled with passion you will not have the perserverance to see if through. Inside of you right now is a passion that is ready to ignite the world. 

You know it's there, perhaps you just have not been given the permission to unleash it into the world. As kids, we knew what activities brought us tremendous joy. We dreamed the biggest dreams and we lived for each day. Somewhere along the way, you were told that you could not live your passion. That was reserved for the artists right! We live and dream in colour. Just look around, everyday, we create beautiful poetry and architect monuments that define our culture. We express ourselves through our individuality. We were all meant for more, to define ourselves and make our mark on this world. 

Today, contribute your special gifts to the world by living this day with passion. You have spent enough time suppressing it and holding yourself back for what is truly possible. You punched your clock, you arrived on time and paid your dues so today you earned the right to be you, free and filled with hope and limitless possibity. 

Today, create something worthy of your greatness. We can't wait to see you.