Why Time

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

What is the Potential of you?

I love this question. I ask it all the time.  In my earlier education in the field of architecture I would start off each studio project with the question: What is the potential for this place? 

I now exist to ignite 1 Million Whys through the art of inspiration.  It is my intention to create a new architecture for the world - a new ROI where we ALL exist to pull out the best in others.  

Reaching Out and Inspiring others starts with a mindset that you, me and all of us are meant to see more. When we light that candle, a new luminosity will fill up our hearts. 

There was a time not that long ago when you asked this question: What is my potential? You're like a block of marble that the great Michelangelo is about to sculpt.  The realized potential of you has always been there just like statue within. 

It's not about adding more to your life but rather chipping away at the pieces that don't serve you.  Only by simplifying your existence will you be able to reveal the jewel inside. 

Let it all go! The labels and titles and the energy of the past. Practice non attachment. Love without expectation.  Free yourself from the fear of losing it all. Develop the capacity to savour less and become the potential of you.  

The world will be a better place.