Why Time

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sexy in Sudbury

I gave a great series of talks in September to an outstanding cast of people. My month included Branding Discovery Sessions AKA RedENERGY with two outstanding brands, Car * Nation (a new and rising power brand in the automotive industry) followed by Schleese, an global player in the equestrian market space. Both companies shared an equal frustration around defining who they really are, what their message is and the need to come together as a unified group. It doesn't matter how good you are in the new market, it only matters how your customers respond to you, your brand and your commitment to a new level of service. It is not enough to deliver the same level of service you delivered years ago, this is a new time, and we all have to rise above the challenge. Just getting by, being mediocre no longer pays the bills. We have to connect with the hearts of our customer, just connecting with their heads no longer cuts it. So how are you rising to this new challenge? How are you exceeding expectations? How are you continually innovating and getting the best out of your team? What new strategies are you employing that truly make the difference between winning and loosing your client? These two clients have world-class products and services, however, is that enough? Will they be able to truly connect to the hearts of their customers and make their brands the only choice? There are no over night successes these days. The businesses that we suddenly notice are not over night sensations, we notice them now as a result of the years of effort and dedication to baking their brand. They persevered and continually stayed focused to their mission and to true to their brand.

I had an opportunity to speak to a cast of exciting people in Sudbury this past week. The event was hosted by the Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commence. Some delegates drove over 3 hours to hear me speak. I applaud the efforts of Debbi and Erin of the Chamber of Commerce in putting on this event. Sure, their expectations I'm sure were for larger numbers, they even contemplated cancelling the event several times, and actually cancelled a week before only to put it back on after I encouraged them to do so. What a sad time it would have been for the 30 - 40 delegates that did attend. These individuals are committed to their success, to learning new tools that will help them thrive in this new market place. These delegates were inspired to action, many of them stated this was the best seminar they ever attended. For some, it is life altering, the ignition they needed to thrust them into creative action. It makes no difference to me if there are 40 or 400 people attending my Branding Boot Camp. What matters most is that they are present and ready to inspire to action. I give them my all and they give it right back to me. It is a truly outstanding experience. The feedback that I have received from several delegates is outstanding and I hope to remain a part of their success and their creative journey.

At the start of the month, I had the pleasure of spending 2 hours with Judy Marsales Real estate. Over 40 of their top sales team attended my talk. My focus, help them uncover their inner creative genius, do things differently, stand out and create their opportunities. This sales team was on fire, inspired to action and ready to rise to the challenge. Judy Marsales is an outstanding leader and has created a significant brand within the real-estate market. She has had to reinvent herself several times and clearly understands you need to drive the change and not wait for the change. This is a true sign of a leader and one that takes action.

I am preparing for numerous talks and Boot Camps coming up this fall. I am very pleased to have been secured to speak to the Black River Matheson Chamber of Commerce at a Boot Camp and awards night in October. They are located just 40 minutes from Timmins and I have been collaborating closely with their leader, Diane and thanks to the funding by KDCDC.

I have been diligently preparing a new fresh presentation on the Laws of Innovation. The focus is to help entrepreneurs and companies remain innovative even in these tough times. It is essential that you remain innovative and continue to explore new and exciting ways to get the best out of your team. They need to stay inspired and think creatively. This presentation will be revealed in November at a talk in Toronto. I will introduce portions of this presentation next week in Victoria BC to the Canadian Chambers of Commerce. I look forward to the excitement and the amazing opportunities that await me and my audiences.

Until then, make today and everyday likes it your last day. Inspire to Action.