Why Time

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Go deeper

All of the joy, peace, success that you desire is an inside job. Upto this point you may only have scratched the surface. You have an inkling, a feeling of what you want to experience in all areas of your life but there is still something holding you back. The HOWs are not revealing themselves and that keeps most people stuck in one place unable to move to the next level in their lives for fear of trusting in the WHY. 

Here is the thing. You have to go way deeper and summon a new level of belief in yourself. You have to feel the excitement of what you are seeking in the palm of your hands. You have to become a massive magnet and pull this life that you crave to create towards you. The universe will give you everything you are seeking - and it will also give you what you are resisting. Where your attention flows your energy goes. Today focus with greater intensity on what you truly deserve to create in your life.