Why Time

Monday, December 11, 2017


"It doesn't matter where you currently are but in the direction you are moving in."~ Why Guy, Gerry Visca

As we roll out into a New Year, along with it comes limitless possibility.
A time to release the energy of the previous twelve months.
A time to reflect on 'Why' you are truly here.
A time to kick start the dreams you promised yourself a long time ago.

So, what explosion of purpose will burst out of you? What will be your 'Big Bang'?
How will you serve others with the gifts that were imprinted upon your cells, a lifetime
ago? The New Year is but a moment in time. That is the great thing about the universe we
find ourselves in. Everything expands from a single moment. When these powerful
moments collide, greatness is unleashed across the stars.

As one who exists to inspire others, I've witnessed the miracle of life and the seed of
potential that lives and breathes within all of humanity. My heart has heard the
thunderous roar of people coming to life and bursting with new levels of passion and

I've experienced the miracle of a child crushing her fears and eradicating a disease
that ravished her spirit.I've marvelled at the thousands of souls who've heard their wake-up call towards truly living their one precious life!

I've danced in the joyous realization of people igniting their deeper, driving Why
(Their true reason for being).

When we all reach out and inspire others to see their light, we illuminate the heavens like
a burst of fireworks on the 4th of July. When we consciously unite we ignite the greatness
that bellows in people's hearts. When we selflessly pour ourselves into others, we light
the sacred fire that forges a world inspired.

What will be your 'Big Bang'?
For some, it will be the deeper realization of 'Why' they truly exist. Not what they are
meant to do, but who they are meant to be. For others, they'll learn to crush the fear that
held them back for a lifetime. They will overflow with explosive levels of love for where
they are heading.

Perhaps, your 'Big Bang' will stem from deciding to take 100%
responsibility for the life you desire to create.
The change you are seeking is seeking you. It starts with lighting the 'big fire'
within your heart. Like anything great, it expands from sheer will and persistence. It
won't happen someday but rather in the present moment. It's something you 'must do'
with the little time you have left on this earth.

Your 'Big Bang' will create a chain reaction. It will ripple out across the fields like
a brush fire. Everyone around you will feel the heat from your flame and be inspired to
do the same.

We are here, now in this time to elevate one another to look up from our
delusional digital worlds onto a sea of true greatness. We don't exist in isolation but
rather, as a collaborative spirit on a quest to understand the true nature of our universe.
We'll thrive when we listen with the intent to understand the hidden promises that linger
in our hearts.Your legacy will echo across the stars and influence generations to come. 

Is that not why we are here? To make an impact of profound change?
When you start with the end in mind, you will come to appreciate that even the smallest
action can tip the scales of humanity.

Your 'Big Bang' is the voice we all need to hear. It will thunder in our hearts and it will
awaken our spirit from a deep slumber. Your belief in something far greater than yourself,
will expand our minds and inflate our soul. Your sails will carry us across a sea of
unbridled possibility. Your light will illuminate the true way and the path that will bring
you utter bliss.

When you surrender to the need to have all the 'I's' dotted and the 'T's' crossed you
will humble yourself and steer into the direction of relentless humility. Your
'imperfection' is what makes this journey so 'perfect'.

When you commit to always being a student of life, you'll never stop learning and
dreaming among the cosmos. That is where you've always belonged, dancing among the
stars and shooting across the heavens.
This is your year for explosive growth.
This is your time to decide you're worthy of more.
This is your legacy so make it one we'll never forget.
Don't just spark a match, ignite the fire.
Let winds carry the promises you sang and above all, inspire us with a 'Big Bang!'

Friday, November 24, 2017

Be the Light

"Be the light"

"When we all Reach Out and Inspire others we create a new ROI for the world."

~ Gerry Visca

            I would like to share with you some energy from my new upcoming transformational novel called: "Why am I here?" I define this deeper 'Why' as the World Helped by You.  Inside each one us is a calling to our higher purpose, the light of our true selves. In this so-called "Connection Age" that we find ourselves living in, one only needs to look around and notice how "DISconnected" we truly are. We don't seem to look up any more.   

            I don't know about you but, somehow I don't think the "Bigger Picture" for humanity was to build more shopping malls, do you?    

            As we approach the final month of the year we all have a unique opportunity to embrace the light of our true potential. What is this light? It's people's true self, the real self, the soft chewy centre that intuitively knows its passion and purpose.  I'm not talking about the DISconnected 'self' that hides behind flat screens and pursues visions of grandeur through five easy steps. I'm referring to the self, that wants to contribute to the growth of humanity. Isn't that why we're all here?    

            I've often said that you don't need to know what the hell you're doing!  I think I even wrote a book about it.  However, you do need to know Why!  It's the deeper Why that lives and breathes inside of you, that will turn on the lights this holiday season. The first step is to believe that you are here for a much bigger reason. Trust in your unique gifts to reach out and inspire others, to find their light.

            So, why write about it? Twas the night before publishing when I could have drifted off to sleep. But something was stirring inside me. The light that drives my deeper Why, my reason for being was turned on.

            Not too long ago in a distant land far, far away. I chose to become what I was seeking. Throughout my wondrous journey towards the light, I arrived at a profound understanding that the very thing I was seeking was exactly what I wanted for others, "inspiration." I've come to appreciate the power of this word, "inspiration" which essentially means: "in-spirited" with one's life purpose.

            The times when you felt most inspired was when you felt the power of your inner light. It turned you on! You heard the faint whispers of your 'inner self', the oldest part of you, your soul. It spoke the language you abandoned a long time ago on your quest for success. So, what is this language? It's your passion, the things that bring you joy and your purpose, your contribution to others. And when you combine them you create the  meaningful outcomes in your life. 

            It has been said that our deeper purpose is revealed to us, seconds before our death. I say, why the hell wait for that defining moment. Act now. Do whatever it takes to ignite your bigger dream. Surround yourself with people that won't let you dim your light.  Perhaps, it's time to strike off the 'ankle biters' from your Christmas list.  Give away your unique gifts, freely to the world. Trust me, it's the greatest present they will ever unwrap. 

            What I know for certain, is a light of unbridled possibility, dwells within your soul.  It burns deeply inside of you like a fiery dragon. When you release it, your greatness will scorch the skies like a thousand fireworks.  Your light will burn in our hearts and it will inspire us to pick up the torch and dash to the finish line. Your light is what the world needs now, more than ever. When you choose to be the light, you crush the fear and you allow the love to flood your heart.           

            Here's the thing. You, my reader, mean the world to me.  I know what happens when you turn on that light. It will radiate out like a brush fire and inspire everyone else around you to "look up" and light their flame. 

            So, are you ready? Let's light this candle.    

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Do you really want to know?

Do you really want to know?

Why are you truly here, now, in this place at this point in time? 
It’s a great question to kick off this journey. Then again, it’s the only question in the end that truly matters.  

Why not invest the time now to truly uncover the answer? 

What I know for certain is seconds before our death, a higher source reveals the answer in all its glory.  

What follows all depends on how you chose to step into and live this question in the present.  

So, like every human being on the planet, you have a choice to uncover the answer to the universe’s most profound question.  “Why am I here?” 

It’s the foundation of all questions and the access to every answer that follows.   

How much longer will you dodge this bullet? Will you wait until the end or will you choose to really start living through it? 

We’re the only species that’s been given the greatest gift. The privilege and the ability to ask and live this one question. “Why am I here?”

You’ll soon realize that a ‘noisy’ world filled with theme parks, surgery treats and shopping malls cannot give you the answer.   

Think about all the time you have walked this earth. Where did all of your life force flow? How much energy was allocated towards climbing the mountain of success? 

If you’re fortunate you might be granted another gift of experiencing 70 summers in your lifetime. 

Imagine savouring every delicious moment with a new found awareness of your life’s true purpose.  

So, do you really want to answer the question “Why am I here?” It will require a new form of conscious thinking.  

Like anything worth pursuing it may create new levels of discomfort. But here’s the thing, if you keep doing the same thing you’ve been doing you’ll continue living with the same results.  

You don’t exist to simply pay the bills. You don’t need “more stuff” to occupy the limitless space of your mind. You are a being of light and possibility. Say that five times fast! 

Let the world’s fill your heart and soul. Know that you’re not alone on this wondrous journey.  

So, park the SUV in someone else’s 3-car garage. Begin removing all the layers of complexity you’ve unconsciously built. Wrap yourself with the greatest “unwrapped” gift of all time. 

Begin living with a deeper sense of purpose. Bask in the sunlight of knowing “Why you are here.”   

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Don’t take yourself so damn seriously!

Seriously, do those closest to you really get the deeper essence of who you truly are?
Do they thrust you high up into the clouds or do they weigh you down for fear of being left behind?
Do you feel alone on your wondrous journey through life? Is your new-found purpose burning a whole in your chest?

Here’s the thing. You’re the only one who really needs to get you. You’re a first rate version of yourself. No one else needs to lift you up. You are the maestro. You conduct the symphony.

So why do we all crave acceptance and external validation? Answer. We are human beings. We all strive for deeper connection. We want to be seen and know that our life mattered to others.
I’ve often claimed that “I Don’t Know What the HELL I’m Doing!” It’s why I wrote a book on the subject. But I do know WHY. It’s my clarity of purpose that feeds my soul and fuels the way. It’s my beacon. My distant light guiding me in.

When you [focus] with laser precious on what you desire to experience in your brief lifetime, you’ll create a shield of pure light that surrounds and magnifies your deeper WHY.

No one else needs to think your way. Your dream will soon be realized and the World will be Helped by You. That’s my definition of the deeper WHY that will shift the world’s energy.
So, in the words of the late and great Dr. Wayne Dyer, “Don’t take yourself so damn seriously!”
Create your life the way it was intended to be. #whyguy

Monday, September 25, 2017

Sounds of a Sunrise

What is the sound that a sunrise creates? 

For the past 48 years of my life I lived completely unaware of this miraculous experience . For the past several months I've conditioned a new habit of listening with the intent to understand the sounds of a sunrise. 

It starts off with a cool mist slowly hovering along the surface of the lake. You can hear the ripples of the distant waves. You can hear the crickets as they conduct their final crescendo. As the earth rotates it makes way for the first glimpse of the great ball of fire far in the distance...our sun. 

The earth is greeted by a faint fluttering from the wings of angels. I witness the sounds of geese flowing in unison along the surface of the water as if to be taking their seats in the audience. 

 The majestic ball of fire bursts through the horizon with a peaceful thrust. Children's laughter chime in the wind. The water greets the rocky shore with a thundering kiss. 

The leaves on the trees that shelter me smile as they sway in the wind. Suddenly it's as if all the sounds of the universe harmoniously flow as one heart beat. 
One song. 
One life.
One light that fills my heart.

Friday, September 22, 2017

The Fire

I wanted to share with you all my speech to kick off the Upper Canada College (UCC) The Terry Fox Foundation run today. Thank you Jen Shin
I call it: THE FIRE
What does Terry Fox represent for you?
Why do you run?
You know what his life force means to me? That we are all connected and we are all one! We are here to elevate the human race and make it thrive.
For me, Terry Fox represents [THE FIRE] that burns inside of us all.
He represents PASSION: The things that bring us joy. PURPOSE: How will you serve the world?
Together, they create the outcomes we are all seeking.
Together they create the [THE FIRE] that stirs our dragons.

Terry Fox created a legacy that still burns brightly in our hearts.
What is your fire?
What will you run for?
What will the world say about you years from now?
Will your passion scorch the skies?
Will your purpose light the way?

If my 17 year-old daughter Sophie were standing beside me she would say don't ever stop dreaming. Don't settle and never stop living your passion.

Last year at this time she wanted to run but she was laying in a hospital bed fighting for her life and with her FIRE fighting stage 3 cancer. She chose to run and kick cancer in the ass!

You run for her. For all of us. For a world free of DIS-EASE. Inside of you is a fire. We need to hear you roar.
So stand up and stretch your arms out high and bellow out with passion and purpose: I HAVE A FIRE...I HAVE A FIRE...I HAVE A FIRE.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Keep it Simple

"You don't need to know what the hell you are doing!
You just need to simplify."
~ Gerry Visca

When did we allow complexity to dictate our lives? When did it become acceptable to live with a sense of overwhelm? Were our ancestors not raised with the mentality that less is truly more? I think perhaps our modern world may have lost its way in the pursuit of more.  
Simplicity is about developing the capacity to savour less.  Ask yourself these questions as you strive to simplify all areas of your life:
1. Where and how do you want to live?  
2. What is your perfect day?  
3. Where and how do you want to spend your time?
4. What are the things that give you the greatest joy?

As I write these words, the Tuscan Bells of Montespertoli chime 9 times signaling 9:00am.  I just finished a long contemplative walk through the olive groves. I converse with the trees as they seem to rise and greet the morning sun. I witness a lovely lady smiling at me from her balcony as she joyfully tends to her herbs.  She greets me with a simple 'Bonjourno' (good morning). 

My life partner Angela and I decided to return to the hills of Tuscany for a consecutive year. I feel deeply rooted in these lands much like the olive trees as if I am one with the soil. My mother grew up in Italy, a few hours away from this simple paradise.

This return visit marked a memorable milestone. We celebrated the launch of my new novel "Remembering Why" A Wondrous Journey to Why We Exist. This is the first transformational novel in my 16-book repertoire.  
The words were inspired by my experiences in Tuscany last year and the enormity of the events that followed. The title "Remembering Why" appears even more fitting as I simply soak in all the senses that this heavenly place offered me. It reminded me just how brilliant and brief life truly is.  

"We need to continually stretch ourselves and become fascinated with the world around us." ~ Gerry Visca

My 48 year journey on this earth has been a wondrous journey learning how to develop the capacity to savour less. Everyone of us has been presented with a treasure, the gift of limited time. We have a choice to begin to remove the enormous 'complexity' we have unconsciously piled onto our lives. There is a light at the top of the heap. We can decide to allocate our life force to ONLY the things that light us up with joy.  

Simplifying your life begins with choosing to consciously throw out all the garbage in your mind through a daily practice of clearing the mind.  The deeper levels of peace and fulfillment that all of man kind is ultimately seeking will emerge when we simplify the contents of our mind. 

You are the only one that can choose to do the inner work, step into living these questions and become aware of your higher self but you have to start deconstructing (breaking down and disassembling what no longer serves you) in all aspects of your life. 
It's funny, we are never taught this at a young age or any age for that matter. We are immersed in a society that strives to consume and pursue more. We have forgotten our true purpose which is to elevate the human race and that my friends will come about when we choose to BE (as in we are human beings) as opposed to unconsciously living as human DOings. 

We have somehow allowed life to pile more crap upon us. Instead of living and creating life on our terms we choose to bog ourselves down with endless TO-DO lists that bog down our minds and keep us from focusing on only the things that truly matter.     

Life is meant to be lived through greater levels of passion and purpose. Together, these two energies truly create the meaningful outcomes we are all seeking: a path to inner peace, harmony and fulfillment.   
I hope this #whytime inspires you to live the rest of your days with a greater sense of urgency for the one life you've been given. 

Monday, September 18, 2017

Why Write?

We don't just read and write books because it's cool.
We read and write books because we are here to elevate the human race...and the human race needs to ignite it's passion and purpose so we can all create meaningful outcomes in our lives.

Everyone on this planet is seeking a connection to the deeper reason for their existence.

Why Write inspiring works of art?
Because when we connect to the heart we life the human spirit.

Inspiration is about beauty, love and passion. When composed as a work of art, inspired writing has the power to illuminate our heart and connect us to the soul of the universe.

Why do I write? Because I can and I have a desire to inspire 1 Million WHYs in our world.

Why do you write? Because the world needs to remember your verse ans know that you mattered.

Are you ready to write?

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

What will bring meaning to your life?

Take a moment and take stock of your life. Ask yourself, "What has brought me meaning thus far?"
Is it the house?
The new car?
The remodeled family room?
How about the past several visits to the shopping mall?

I'm sure it wouldn't take long to "rationalize" how much joy your external world has presented you. 

If you dig a little deeper you would soon realize it's all just "rational lies."

What if you took a deeper dive and had a conversation with your heart? What is the love that you are truly seeking?

Now as you swim in a new ocean of belief ask yourself, "What will bring meaning to my life?" The path to true happiness, inner peace and fulfillment will never emerge from the external world.

Deeper levels of meaning dwells within the light of your "inner being." It ascends from the stillness of your heart and breaks through the surface with arms thrust out wide. 

Breathe in the power of this moment that is your life. Soak in the wondrous power of your beating heart. 

Embrace new levels of gratitude for your soul's desire to awaken its spirit. Feel your inner light filling you up with new levels of love for yourself and everything around you.  

You've been gifted life and the exquisite opportunity to savour all that it has to offer.  

#whyguy #whytime

Monday, August 28, 2017

What if you Remembered?

I can imagine the feeling when all of us remember our true calling in this world. 

There is something far greater that surrounds us. We only need to believe that we are all meant for more.

A lifetime ago, our deeper purpose was imprinted in our cells. This "light" has never left our "being."

You felt this "gift" wrapping you around the age of 6. Somewhere along your journey, you forgot your way. Your "true gifts" remain unwrapped and dwell in the shadows of unrealized possibility. 

Like most people, you've allowed the delusion of society to convince you of what is "real". You've lost sight of what truly matters. Your inner light will ignite your burning desire (your passion).

When you present your gift to others you are living your true purpose and you create the meaningful outcomes that your soul is seeking.

We are here for a finite moment in time. Our deeper reason for being is to help one another "Remember Why" we exist. 

This deeper calling to your light does not exist in the realm of doing and achieving more. It lives through a deeper love for yourself, for every living thing and everyone around you.

I can imagine the feeling of everyone returning to their light.
I cam imagine the feeling of Remembering Why. 

Sunday, August 20, 2017


What is the illusive treasure you are seeking? How will you know when you've arrived?

For the past several years you've sharpened your pick and polished your axe.  

Today, you may find yourself at a crossroad. You're asking yourself the BIGGER questions yet the answers are not coming to the surface. That's because they are buried deep within a place you've forgotten.  

Your long lost treasure is not found on a map. It's exists on the very spot you now stand.  It's your light and all knowing inner being. 

You are the treasure. You have the gift but you need to rip off the ribbons that have held you down from bursting into your greatness.  

The only map you need is the one that will re-connect your heart with the soul of the universe.   

It's this "unison of hearts" that will reveal the missing piece.  

The treasure you seek is your "way of being." This shiny jewel can't be found in the "doing."

We're all connected and you'll soon discover that we're all seeking the same thing, the answer to the only question that matters: "WHY am I here?"

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The BIG Lie

We live in a world where we are completely run by a need for external validation.  I refer to this energy as our "outer being or demon."  It thrives on the need to be recognized, validated and edified.

Somewhere between the age of 6 and 11 we allow society to thrust its grip on us and tell us what is real.

It's all bullshit!  It's a big lie.  We're not helping anyone by continually falling deeper into this realm of "disillusionment."

The only thing that matters is helping one another return to the "light" of our true being. This is how we will eliminate fear and silence the demon within that permeates our fragile world.

We're not here to win more titles, earn millions and consume more natural resources. This accumulation of more continues to ravage our world and our spirit.

We are here to thrive as a human species and we're being tested now more than ever as to our level of contribution.  The question is, will we rise about our current way of being and help one another answer the only question that truly matters: "Why am I here?"

The big lie is that you allow others to tell you that you're not good enough or not doing enough. You allow yourself to listen to the "noise of the crowd" that you don't have a purpose and you can't live your true passion.

You allow yourself to be influenced by the masses instead of listening to your heart. You wake up doing the same thing over and over hoping and wishing for things to change.  This energy is not serving your higher self.

It's time to be true to yourself and honour your light.

The real truth is that inside of you lives and breathes a "fiery dragon", a spirit that is your burning passion. It has existed since the first breath you took. It desires to scorch the skies and play full out.

You are unique and one-of-a-kind. When you unleash your true light, the world will be a better place.

My recent autobiography titled "Influence" features 11 unique journey's of women inspiring change. It is an energy intended to inspire 11,000 new "Influencers" in the world.  It is not intended to feed ego's. It's sole purpose is to ignite your light so you to can become a person of influence.

The deeper why that drives my publications are that we all have a light that shines deep within. I believe in the light of "everyday people doing extraordinary things."

The truth that influences my inspiration is my need and desire to forge a new ROI for humanity. One where we collectively choose to Reach Out and Inspire others.

Allow your truth to set your spirit free so you can soar into the heavens and cast your true light upon us all.      



Monday, August 14, 2017

Have you arrived?

We spend most of our lifetime wishing upon a shooting star and hoping for a better future.

We miss out on the celebration of our very existence, now and the lives we have touched. 

What is your treasure? Will you even be able to recognize it?

How will you know you've arrived? What form will it take?

Have you asked yourself what your heart truly desires? Does fulfillment and happiness rank up with the others?

What about becoming aware of the deeper reason for your existence?

I've often said the greatest gift we can present to another human being is to understand why we truly exist.

Perhaps "X" marks the spot on the very place you stand. You are the treasure.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Give into Love

What if you decided to release the energy that has not been serving your higher self:
- the fears,
- the past,
- the resentment,
- the failed attempts and the ones that let you down. 

What if you just gave into love. 

What if all of it was put into your path to help you remember who you were truly born to be.

What if the very thing you've been resisting was actually intended as the greatest catalyst for your life. 

What if God only sent you Angels from all walks of life helping you embrace your brighter light.  

What if you decided to channel all of your energy towards filling yourself and the soul of the universe with unconditional love.

What if you embraced the higher version of yourself.

Give into love and experience the World being Helped by You.  

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

What is REAL?

I love this question. I've contemplated it ever since I was 6-years old. What is REAL and what is illusion?

The intention of this morning's #Why Time is to help you take stock of your life. See your life as a blank white canvass. Now think about your life and everything in it. The relationships. Where you live. Your possessions. The cars you drive. The money you earn. Your job...all of it.

Every conscious and unconscious thought throughout your journey influenced your choices. Whether you were aware of it or not, you filled the canvass of your life.

The question is: Is it the canvass your heart truly desired to create? Do you often feel as if you are living someone else's life?  Do you wonder how it filled up so quickly?

What if the REAL canvass, the true work of art is still inside of you waiting for your belief and brushstrokes. 

It's easy to believe that all this "physical stuff" around us is real. Since you can't take it with you, it does not define you, it never did.  Most of our lives are just the result of unconscious choices. We've unconsciously created a world that doesn't portray the "true picture" of the life we desire to live.

That creation is still buried deep within you, sealed within the container of your mind. 

Like most people, you might think you don't have a choice. You think too much time has passed you by. Then again what is time, really? 

You may stop yourself for not knowing the "how" your desired life will transpire. Nothing could be further from the truth. Today, decide what you want most, take powerful action and create it. 

Pick up the brush, crack open the unused can, dip in and start creating the unREALized masterpiece that is your life.

Friday, August 4, 2017

How much time do you really have?

It's easy to go through life thinking you have all the time in the world.  But have you ever stopped to really contemplate the deeper meaning surrounding time? 

What is time really?  

Is it a construct of our own minds? An illusion that we have manufactured? Does it control our very nature? Is it an energy that holds us back from truly breaking through the ceiling of our own complexity. 

As I reflect on the time I have spent on this earth I believe we are meant to define our 'true selves' by uncovering the hidden mysteries of our limitless universe.  

Once we decide the contribution we wish to make to the soul of the universe, time no longer becomes an obstacle but rather a vehicle for manifesting our greatest desires.   

What if we learned to let go of the past and all the energy that surrounds it.   

What if we released the need to force the future that hasn't even arrived.   

What I know for certain is that you are here NOW in this glorious time to decide who you wish to be and live out the remaining days of your life your way.  

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Life Lessons from IKEA.

"Decide what you want most. Take Action and go get it!"
~ Gerry Visca

I live with a vision to inspire 1 Million Why's in the world.  Imagine a world where everyone knows why they truly exist.
            As part of this vision I've been on a wondrous journey of simplifying all aspects of my one precious life. This 'radical' simplification started off as a 'deconstruction' of my current life.  Also known as the removal of the things that no longer serve my higher purpose. Here is what I have come to appreciate over my 48 years of existence on mother earth. Life has a tendency to take a hold of you and spin you around in all sorts of directions. 
            It's easy to lose your way when you are influenced by the 'noise' of the external world. I've always loved the definition of 'noise' as being 'unwanted sound.'
So, when you finally decide what you want most in life. How you want to live and what you want to experience before you choke on a mint, the non-essential starts to fall away. 
The 'deconstruction' process has kick-started a whole new philosophy not to mention kicking me in the ass. I refer to this new mantra as: 'Life. Simplified.'
            As an active contributor to the human race I often find myself observing human behaviour. This process of radical simplification included downsizing from our 4-storey Victorian villa to a quaint beach condo loft on the water front. 
            In creating this new 'simplified mindset' Angela (my life partner) and I decided to streamline our furniture. Think about the spaces that you spend most of your time in.  I've come to the realization that there are a few basic spaces that every human being requires: Live, Cook, Create, Rest and Reflect.

            IKEA seemed like the appropriate choice to satisfy the styling of these essential spaces.  If you truly want to observe the human condition then immerse yourself in an IKEA environment on a rainy Saturday afternoon. 
            I've often shared with audiences that IKEA is a superb model of retail innovation. Think about it. They get you to assemble the furniture.  It's simply brilliant. Not to mention they keep you captivated with the use of 50 cent hotdogs and $1 dollar ice cream cones.
            If you've ever found yourself navigating the IKEA showroom maze you may feel a bit like Alice in Wonderland desperately trying to make your way out.     
            There are 4 life lessons I've deduced from my recent IKEA travels that I would love to share with you. This experience has revealed some really great treasures. I've discovered that every opportunity can be seen as a powerful teaching if we choose to look at it that way. So, let's begin.
Life Lesson No.1: Stay on the path.
Traversing an IKEA store one will quickly observe that there is no 'linear path' to the end prize. There consists a series of openings and doorways to disenchanted lands inviting you to take an easier path to the end of the rainbow. 
            Within IKEA, these 'divergent gateways' are referred to as 'short cuts' to the promise land. When in actual fact this 'way finding' seems to loop you around in circles.  You may even find yourself back to the starting point. Along the way you will be titillated with shiny plastic containers of all shapes and sizes that you have no clue what purpose they serve. 
            The key in life is to stay on the path with an inner-knowing that eventually you will arrive at your intended destination.  Marvel at the wondrous journey that is your life. See every crossroad as an opportunity for you to choose what you wish to experience and how you want to live your one shiny life. 

Life Lesson No.2: Follow the Instructions.
I refer to this life lesson as 'modelling success.' Everything that you have a desire to create has been created by someone else. You don't have to reinvent the wheel. The key to avoiding years of falling down is to model others that have already paved the way. 
            Through a painful process I quickly discovered that tossing out the instructions carefully conceived by IKEA designers leads to a series of unfortunate events.  Not to mention a cornucopia of  'unused parts'. I found myself rationalizing (rational lies) that these 'unused parts' were simply extra pieces unconsciously added to my package. This may have temporarily satisfied my 'ego' until I witnessed the shiny new bunk bed collapsing as a result of the missing fasteners.
            No matter how daunting and overwhelming your journey may seem just breathe and take one step at a time. Follow the directions and soon you will behold your masterpiece. 

Life Lesson No.3: One tool is all you need! 
What is the 'one thing' that brings you tremendous joy? It's effortless for you and you could do it all day long. It's your joy, your bliss and it gets you leaping out of bed. I refer to it as your 'passion.'
            I appreciate how IKEA has simplified the process for it's fellow human furniture assemblers with the use of one tool.  They typically insert an 'Allen Key' within every package.  I love how this little metal device provides the right leverage to firmly secure all of your connections.
            As human beings we seem to define ourselves as human doings. One damn thing after another! We weren't built as multi-tasking super computers. Your true power stems in your ability to master the moment. I've come to appreciate our ability to define time. When we channel all of our love, passion and creative energy into the power of the moment we can achieve great things. It's about harnessing the one thing you are meant to ignite, the deeper reason of your existence. 
            You'll discover that this approach to simplifying the one essential thing will bring you a greater sense of peace and fulfillment. So what is your one thing?  Here is a clue. You knew what brought you joy as a child.  It's time for you to remember. 

Life Lesson No.4: Steer your own success.
IKEA shopping carts seem to have a mind of their own. No matter how hard you try to steer the damn cart it wants to move in the opposite direction. Every time I attempted to steer it I felt a bit like Harry Potter in a train station searching for the illusive platform 9 3/4.
            It's funny how IKEA shopping carts seem to navigate their way towards additional purchases. Before you know it, the 'one thing' you originally were searching for has magically expanded into 101 things that don't fit into your car.
            Similar in life, when we don't know what we want most and more importantly why, we find ourselves losing control and follow other people's paths. The key is to steer our own success by leading ourselves and pursing our bigger dream.
            Each human being was imprinted with a clearly defined purpose at the time of our birth. It's not random that you have been blessed with a set of unique skills that lights you up. Our role in this DIS-connection age is to Reach Out and Inspire others to help them discover the light that truly illuminates the way.
This is a new ROI that is worthy of creating.                             

Gerry Visca is the #Why Guy, a contributor to The Business Link, one of Canada's top inspirational speakers, the author of 16 books, including the hit seller: I Don't Know What the Hell I'm Doing®, BIG DREAMERS, INFLUENCE and the new inspired novel: 'Remembering Why'  Visit www.gerryvisca.com   When you order 2 copies of Gerry's books you get one-on-one WHY Time with Gerry.
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Monday, July 17, 2017

680 SQ.FT.

My whole life I have pursued more. A bigger career, a grander home, a faster lifestyle.  

Throughout this rapid pursuit for more I discovered that none of these things could really tell me who I am. 

Deep down inside I was seeking MORE fulfillment. So after years of climbing I decided to sit still and master the art of savouring less.  

LESS but more JOY. 

LESS but more PEACE. 

LESS but more BALANCE. 

LESS but more PASSION. 

LESS but more LOVE. 

This past weekend my love Angela and I kick-started our LESS but bigger life.  

We traded in our 4-storey Villa for a new kind of living. We refer to our new 680 SQ.FT. haven our beach loft.  

Somehow, throughout the past 4 months of purging more I don't miss a thing.  As I joyfully observe Angela meditating on the terrace I am instantly filled with life at whole new levels.   

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

You are meant for more

You felt it a lifetime ago. 

Like a splinter in the back of your mind you knew with every fibre of your being that you were meant for more.  

What I know for certain is that you weren't put on this earth to "simply" pay the bills.  

You were blessed with talents and unique gifts that were meant to scorch the skies.  

There are no limits to how high you can fly. The ceiling of complexity that hovers over you is self-imposed. 

The power that you seek is within you waiting to emerge through your passion and purpose.  

Burst through the surface. Breathe in your gorgeous life. 

Allow the love you experienced a lifetime ago to fill your lungs with a new sense of wonder.  

Your journey is a wondrous creation  the moment you decide to unwrap your gifts.  Only then will you ignite the "true" way.  

A lifetime ago you were in harmony with the soul of the universe.  

It's time for you to Remember Why.  

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Confidence of Purpose

It can often be challenging finding your purpose in this "insta-age." The delicious things in life take time to marinate. 

Your purpose is no different. Have confidence in the legacy you desire to live. 

Live each moment knowing that your intention to make a difference is weaving its way throughout the fabric of life.  

Have confidence in the inspired actions you take knowing that they are whispers from your higher self.  

Have confidence in the outcomes you are creating in others. The experience you crave to create for others is deeply aligned with what you seek.  

Have confidence in your purpose knowing that the best part of you will rise to the top.