Why Time

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Day 29 (30 days of reinvention) Keep it simple!

No matter what I have created in my life, I always led with the intention of keeping it simple. Whether publishing a book, creating new success habits or creating a second form of income, I always approached it with simplicity. It's how we lead all areas of our life, Angela and I love keeping it simple. If it's not simple then we don't do it. We meet so many people that share with us how complex life is, everyday is a struggle. There are two kinds of people in this world: The ones that strive to simplify all areas of their lives so they can have more time to be and do the things that they are most passionate about or the ones that let life be created for them. This second group chooses to leave things at the last minute, get distracted by to many things and see challenge and struggle everywhere they turn. Whereas the first group looks for greatness in everyone and everything. They see challenge as a great opportunity for growth. 

Getting from where you are to where you want to be has always been our focus throughout this 30 days of reinvention. Over 95% of people will not invest the time to really look at their lives and make concious choices to create better choices which leads to the creation of really great habits. And when it comes down to living with greater happiness, love, wealth and success you need to keep it simple and create the new success habits that will replace the older non-conscious habits that you have formed over the years. 

There was a time not that along ago where we lived with far greater levels of simplicity. As a society we all made concious choices to add new levels of complexity to our lives. We choose to get three credit cards and a bigger mortgage which led to massive debt which then forced you to get a job or two that you really didn't want just to pay off the debt. You abandoned your passions and living with greater purpose and meaning in your life. Those choices created your habits that now have become your way of being. But that was then and today is a new day for you.  

Today, make a list of how you want to live your life. What areas in your life can you simplify today and tomorrow. What actions can you start taking that will lead to a more tranquil way of living. You know you want it.