Why Time

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Why do you exist?

I love starting off my keynotes with a question: why do you exist? Have you ever contemplated that one question? If you did what do you think would happen? What form of truth would reveal itself? More importantly what actions would you take after becoming aware of these truths?  Most of us have a fear of contemplating the bigger questions of our lives knowing that we would have to step into it. Here's what I know for certain, life is brilliant but it's very very brief. You don't have any more time to wait and to ponder. You don't have any more time for regrets. Soon we'll all be faced with the final question at the end of our lives. None of us will be able to escape this inevitable outcome. We are all connected with this one destiny called the end of our time. 

The questions that you will be faced with are:
Did I make a difference in other peoples lives? 
Did I make my mark on this world? 
Did I play full out and beyond my potential? 
How will I be remembered?

My greatest hope for you is that you live into these questions now. That you embrace a deeper awareness of your brilliant life now. That you get off the sidelines and become an active participator and performer of your one extraordinary life. That you share your special gifts with others.  By contemplating these questions at a deeper level you will be inspired to take action to living your extraordinary life now. There's no time to waste. There's no more room for regrets.  You've already been there and done that. Fear is no longer an obstacle but rather a catalyst for you to run, not walk, but run towards the desired life that you want to create. 

Do it all now and become that vision that you are seeking. Your greatness is in you to live.