Why Time

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Listen to your heart

What is in your heart this very moment? Is it filled with love - intention and desire? That is what you need to push through the nay sayers who sadly want to hold you back for fear that you will leave them behind. All you can do is stay true to what you desire and live with an unbridled faith that you will succeed and cross the finish line. It's easy to get influenced by others - it's all around us, people, guidance counsellors and soceity telling us what we can and can't do. What schools to attend, what aptitude tests to take, who to marry, how much of a mortgage we need and what kind of a job to get so we can pay for all the crap we don't need. 

The great ones like Steve Jobs and Henry Ford believed in something greater than their current reality, they believed in the impossible and more importantly in themselves. If they listened to others then we would still be riding horses and using rotary telephones. The great ones are everyday people that believe they are great and meant to be and do more with the little time they have here on this earth. They know that listening to others only holds them down from releasing the breaks and pushing us all forward.  

This is your time, you've spent enough time listening to others so start listening and following your heart.