Why Time

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Light up the sky...

Everyday is an opportunity for you to celebrate your WHY. Everyday that you live with passion and purpose and a clear  understanding of WHY you are here is a cause for fireworks! So many of us have gone through life completely unaware of who, what, where and WHY we are here. We have somehow managed to survive by living in the shadows of others, never casting a light on our own unique gifts to the world. We were meant to believe that speaking up, standing out and stepping forward was a selfish act. 

Who are you not to shine knowing full well that it will lift the spirits of all those around you to whole new levels. This is your time to share your art with the world. To declare with confidence and certainty that you are here, now, at this time to be the best version of you. You want to be remembered for making a difference and for contributing to the human race. Simply existing in survival mode is no longer an option for you.   

This is your time to shoot for the stars and light up the sky. Be seen not for who you were, your past accomplishments and titles but for something bigger. You are now ready to be seen for being you. This is your souls recognition of its rightful place in the universe. We were all meant to lift one another up to a summit that benefits us all. We are connected. When you give to yourself by reaching out and inspiring others, it makes me want to do the same. 

You are the creator and the spark of your life. Ignite the fuse, look up and light up the starry sky with your beautiful self, it's where you belong.