Why Time

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

What will it take?

What will it take to move you into the direction that you need to be heading in? What will it take to get you believing in yourself again knowing that your confidence will move mountains? What will it take to summon up the courage to change your relationships, first with yourself then with those closest to you? What will it take to finally see that you don't have three lives to live and everyday that you don't step into your life adds to the weight of future regret. What will it take to embrace the angels,the opportunities and the gifts that have been put into your path. 

What if your someday is this moment? What if there was nothing else in the horizon only the here and the now waiting for you to just grab a hold of it. What if you embraced the energy of not needing to know what the hell you are doing but only trusting in the why and just going for it!