Why Time

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Form follows Emotion

The key to giving life to what you are creating is through emotion. When you are on fire for your life, and living your passion and purpose, you are igniting your form. See form as the thing that you want to create most. We live and breathe in a universe built on perpetuated thought. Everything you enjoy was created through emotion. I'm creating this WHY LOG on my iPhone 5c which was created through powerful emotion that was driven by a passion and a purpose to create tools as extensions of our hearts. 

We are all born as powerful creators with an ability to conceive a creative thought. When that thought is injected with high doses of emotion it creates an energy that is alive. The conceptual thought is no longer a concept, it has transformed into  something new and tangible. It is alive as a result of you breathing life into its existence. You are the one that gave it energy and helped it become real. The form is brought into existence through the emotional belief that you create. This is the art of co-creation. It starts with a thought and a belief that you are meant for more. You give it action through your passion and relentless pursuit of excellence. Your purpose and WHY surrounding it, gives meaning and connects the world to it. Your emotion becomes an infectious energy that we all want to support. 

When you become emotionally connected to all areas of your life; all of your relationships, your career, your finances, your children, everything is influenced by it. 

You may be living, but this is your time to become alive for your life.