Why Time

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

Ask any successful entrepreneur what the turning point was for them and they will tell you it was becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable. Some of my favourites are: Starbucks and the founder Howard Schultz - check out his book ONWARD. For two plus years Howard had to REINVENT himself , his leadership team and reconnect his brand partners with their driving WHY in order to save a declining Starbucks. Throughout this long and lonely journey, Howard had to master becoming uncomfortable with being comfortable by making some of the boldest moves ever undertaken in his business. 

The former Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple was forced to leave the company he had founded check out his autobiography: Steve Jobs. The next 10 years Steve had to REINVENT himself by becoming uncomfortable with being comfortable. Not only did he grow personally, emotionally and spiritually,  he mastered whole new levels of leadership that would ultimately serve him when he returned to a nearly insolvent Apple. Steve reconnected Apple to their driving WHY and led a team that would ultimately make Apple the most valued company in the world. 

Look at your life right now - all areas, your finances, relationships and personal/spiritual growth - what has become comfortable for you? Is your life being run by poorly conditioned habits? Are you constantly resisting change? What scares you and what do you need to embrace. Perhaps you feel there is a ceiling that is holding you down from really breaking free and becoming who you were born to be. Comfort suppresses our passion for the soul. Becoming uncomfortable with the comfortable is key to your thrival in the coming year. There is a global shift happening and the key is to recondition yourself like an athlete to harness a new way of being. Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable is challenging at first. Recognize that emotions of fear and lack are simply part of the process. Remember how uncomfortable it was to learn how to ride a bike, drive a car, start a new school or go on your first date. Make a list of the things you wish to experience. Know in your heart that you deserve to experience the love and the richness of your life. You are here now to make a difference in peoples lives but it's only going to start by you learning to no longer settle. All of your past thoughts and actions have served you to this point in your life now it's a new chapter in your life that's about to unfold. What will they say about you in a few years? What will you be remembered for? Today take the first step by deciding what you want most, take action and receive your greatest life.