Why Time

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Be the performer

You have spent your whole life observing others and supporting their goals. You have witnessed everyday people pursuing their dreams and felt their glory. You've attended someone else's BIG SHOW. You have lifted others up simply by believing in them. You have lovingly packed thousands of lunches, cut off those crusts and sent them off on the bus. You have lived your life for EVERYONE else sitting alone night after night wondering when it will be your turn. 

Well, here is your ticket to perform in your BIG SHOW - to dance your dance, sing your song, write your story, create your team and inspire others. What have you got to win? Your life, inner-peace, harmony or legacy that stands the test of time. How about knowing that your willingness to believe in your dream and pushing through the temporary discomfort will elevate the human race and move it forward by inspiring us all to do the same.