Why Time

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Dream Again Day 4: Write out your 5 year vision

It's 5 years from now and you've just met up with your future self. You look and feel really great by the way. Where do you see yourself living? What kind of life are you leading? What dreams became a reality? 
How are you now savouring your life each moment? When you fixate on your life you create your life. You have the power to manifest what and how you wish to live but you have to get intentional with it. You have to see it and believe it's possible. Today write out your 5 year vision of the perfect day. Project yourself out into the future. Keep this vision close to you at all times and read it out loud every day. 

You are the master architect of your life - the conductor of your symphony. You can either choose to see and create your desired life or live through the eyes of others. I choose to see and feel the life I wish to experience and it's my greatest wish for you.