Why Time

Saturday, December 31, 2016


On this final day of the year you have an opportunity to prepare yourself to receive your gifts. 

Focus on clearing the energy that no longer serves you and embrace the light that truly makes you extraordinary. 

On this final day extend massive levels of gratitude for all of the moments you experienced.  The energy that you shared with others.  

On this final day bless the ones that entered your life on your path to living your purpose. Regardless of how they showed up they are your greatest teachers.   

Tomorrow is a new day and a new year.  It's an opportunity and a privilege to share your passion and purpose with the world.   

You have been blessed with gifts that are unique to you.  When you live through these gifts the world experiences your joy. 

Tomorrow you get to commit yourself to living with greater purpose for the one life you've been given.  

Today and tomorrow is your greatest reinvention to date.  It's your one precious life that was meant to be [LIVED] and played full


Release the breaks that have you playing it safe and small.  Release the inner beliefs that no longer serve you.   

Today, tomorrow and everyday forward, embrace the special being that is you.