Why Time

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Share & Tell

Sitting on the round carpet in Ms. Spencer's Kindergarten class I'm selected to 'show & tell' the following day.  That evening I can't sleep.  I'm filled with exhilaration for the morning and the anticipation of inspiring my fellow class mates with my presentation skills.  I'm only 6 years old but I feel like Indiana Jones from Raiders of the Lost Ark about to unveil my greatest discovery.  

What happens between the age of 6 and 46? We seem to lose our desire to share our passions with others.  We suppress our excitement and joy and take a more conservative approach to living out our days.  We allow gravity to take its hold on us. 

Ask yourself: Do you truly feel alive? Are you living the life that you dreamed of as a child? It wasn't that long ago when your heart knew that anything was possible if you just believed.  Your heart always knows and you were born as true potential. It's a gift that lives in all of us but it's our individual responsibility to take 100% responsibility for opening and sharing these gifts with others.  

In my latest book: I Don't Know What the Hell I'm Doing I offer an insight called: Share & Tell. It's the final chapter written as a guide to helping readers share their art with the world. What is your art? It's your unique gifts, your song, your verse and your deeper WHY - your reason for being. When you choose not to share & tell the world is not aware.  Regardless of what path you've chosen - when you don't share then none of us are aware.  

What's in your heart? What is the song resonating from your soul? What are you aching to share with others?  As I reflect on my life, my inspiration and my way of being in the world, I'm transported back to the eyes of that 6 year old, filled with unbridled enthusiasm, vision and possibility ready to leap up into the centre of the room and share my gifts.  

Now it's your turn, you've been selected to share & tell.