Why Time

Monday, June 15, 2015

Be who you need to be

Imagine arriving at the end of your life knowing you only have a few moments left. The only question that swells up in your heart and mind is: 'Did I do it right, did I make a difference?' What if this whole time you were not living the path that you were meant to? What if this whole time you were just following someone else's dream. Do you even know what your dream looks like anymore? Do you even know what fills you up with passion? Do you know how you will contribute to the world? None of us have very much time left. Yesterday, we celebrated my dads 90th birthday and as I watched him give a tearful speech to our family, I was instantly transported back in time seeing him there at my wedding, witnessing the birth of my two children, handing out the gifts at every Christmas for the past 20 or so years, never missing a graduation, a birthday wish or a step. He lived his life with passion and purpose. He played full out and made an impact on everyone's life, especially mine. How do you want to live knowing that you will die. What have you got to Win stepping into your life with greater passion and purpose NOW not someday, without a concern of what others think about you or the life you crave to live. What if you let go of the fear just for a brief moment in time, it's all we have and it's all we'll ever have, a brief moment in time to define ourselves.