Why Time

Friday, November 28, 2014

Flow with life

Things show up in all of our lives at times when we least expect it. Events , circumstances and changes can easily throw us off course in any given moment. The key is to embrace change by being in a state of flow with the energy of the universe. Once you love everything that shows up, the discomfort , the temporary pain and even the joy you will be in flow with a new rhythm that will take you to where you need to be. Change is the path to growth - and growth is the only evidence of life. Without change we cannot reinvent ourselves or uncover the deeper purpose that awaits us. Being in a constant state of flow with the energy of your life means you need to become more intentional about your thoughts, your reactions and your choices. Many of you have asked to play big and change significant areas in your life: finances, relationships, personal development. The key is to embrace everyone and everything on your path as a great teacher sent to you to help you fulfill your awesome legacy. 

You are meant for more. Today breathe in all of the miracles of your life and see it as a wondrous unfolding of your verse in the universe.