Why Time

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Better together

Every innovation in human history was created out of an energy of connection. Together we're better is the mantra for today. You may be feeling alone and as if the world has left you behind. No one is ever alone, we are all connected. Even now in your darkest hour know that you are loved unconditionally and the world believes in you. You are here now to be and do great things, sometimes it's hard to see the clarity in all of the noise and the distraction but your greatness is there. 

Nature is the greatest example of togetherness. Take the bamboo plant for instance, it takes over 4 years to grow it's root system and 100% of it's development is below the surface. It may appear as if nothing is happening on the surface yet the greatest growth unleashes in the 5th year. This plant understands it cannot grow alone -  it requires the earth, water and sunlight to support it's early development. Similar in life you must nurture your relationships with others and yourself to experience the greatest growth. Know that together the world is better.