Why Time

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Become the love you are seeking

Yesterday I created a BLOG focused on igniting a deeper realization of what you need to release in your life that is preventing the love from rushing in.  

This afternoon I'm going to share a video on Face Book about these 5 energies that take their grip on us. They trap our light that is meant to shine and reach others.  

This morning I was journalling to the one I love.  I call her 'my love'.  I shared with her how I want to love before I die.  Many of us are living out each day.  One day after another but are we truly becoming the love that we are seeking?  

I encourage you to live this question. "How do I want to love before I die?" To experience this deeper emotion requires us to become the love that we seek.  It starts with loving ourselves.  

It's a new day and it's time to release everything that has held you back from the love that you deserve.  Rediscover the things that you loved most about you.  Reflect on why and how they made you feel.  It wasn't that long ago! However,  in your mind you're choosing to make it feel as if it was a life time ago and you can't recapture it.  

The great physicist Albert Einstein said that time is just an illusion that we create and self impose onto our lives like a curtain hiding us from the truth of ourselves and our potential.   
This is your time to love you, to become the love that you are seeking.