Why Time

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Surrender and let go

Our daily lives over flow with accumulation. Our thoughts are no longer our own. Our dreams have become a distant memory. More and more we exist in the shadows of others. We read the pages never to share our own messages. We listen to the music never to sing our song and we watch the actors on stage as we wait for permission to perform. 

Some of you have already witnessed more than half of the summers of your lifetime. I meet so many extraordinary people waiting for permission to release their inner light. Waiting to remove the regret, the past pain and failures. Waiting to become certified. Waiting for more money in the savings account and waiting for their employer to recognize them. When we let go of all that we are only then do we become what we might be - Lao Tzu

Your childhood dreams are still alive inside you. You may have temporarily lost your way on your path to finding yourself.
You have become tangled in your own story and web of limiting beliefs for what is truly possible. You may have convinced yourself that you missed the mark and you're to old to start. These would be considered untruths. All that matters is the here and now, it's all you have. You can no longer touch the past and the future will become a result of what you decide to believe and act upon now. Your now directly influences what is next. The course and direction that you plug into your personal GPS is the only thing that matters. 

We've heard you sing, we've seen you dance and we have been mesmerized by your performance. Act now, let go and trust in the unseen and become the person you wish to be.