Why Time

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Driven by Meaning

This BLOG does not come with 5 easy steps.  
There aren't hidden promotions neatly sewn into the seams.  
The only caveat is that you read it with an open heart and an intent to understand. 

The intention of this preservative-free post is simply this: 
What will bring greater meaning to your life?
What will make you feel as if you've arrived?  What is your prescription for greater meaning?
Is it driven purely by financial gain?  Is it ignited through incentives?  

If you are part of this human race then simply look up and around and tell me what you see and feel.  Do others feel connected or are they alone?  Are they living with flow and ease or greater pressure just to keep up?  

Why does this even matter? Why have I chosen to share these compelling thoughts weaving their way throughout my cortex?  Here is the thing.  In a sea of disconnection and disillusionment we seem to have displaced what truly brings us greater meaning.  

Are the disenchanted walls that you're chosen to lean your ladder against revealing the answers?  Are you even interested in scaling the summit?  Or worse, do you believe you are worthy of the climb? 

Everyone of us is here to help one another define their lives.  None of us are meant to flounder.  My hope is that we begin to submerge the inconsequential and give rise to a new ROI for the world (one where we all Reach Out and Inspire others). 

Choose to drink in copious amounts of meaning.  Desire to taste the one delicious life you have been served.  Intend to ignite the spark that will scorch the starry skies.  Do it all NOW, not someday for tomorrow is NOT promised.  

Live as if life was your only TODO list.