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Monday, November 12, 2012

Red Tip: Absolute Visualization

Red Tip – Absolute Visualization
Ask yourself the following BIG QUESTIONS this very moment:  “What do I want to create?  What do I want to attract into my life?   What legacy do I want to leave?  The very act of asking these three questions starts to put into motion the art of creativity.  When you start to imagine your desired life you have already created it.  Recognize that your universe emerges from thought.  Inspired action combined with ‘Absolute Visualization’ will help you draw what you want most, closer to you.  Every morning I sit and meditate for 20 minutes using a perfected technique that I define as ‘Absolute Visualization’.  Get very clear on the end result of that which you wish to create.  Picture the end result clearly in your mind as [absolute fact] and draw it closer to you.  Picture a rope surrounding the end picture in your mind and pull it towards you.  With ‘Absolute Visualization’ you need to be in a constant ‘receiving mode’ in order for you to draw in what you wish to create most in this life time.  It is absolute in that you need to feel it as already complete. Every night as you drift off to sleep flood your sub-conscious mind with high levels of gratitutde for attracting the resources and the people that are showing up in your life to help you become the person you were born to be. 
On Thursday November 29th, 2012 we officially launch the [TANK NIAGARA] together with The Business Link and DEFYENEUR™ Erika Caspersen. This evening I will present the techniques behind ‘Absolute Visualization’.  Don’t miss out on this exciting launch and the last TANK of 2012 as we celebrate with a cast of DEFYENEURS.  Reserve your seat today by emailing gerry@redchairbranding.com or erika@erikacaspersen.com