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Monday, October 22, 2012

Become what you seek

Red Tip – Become what you Seek

I love the power of a question to drive the goals that we seek in life. Have you ever contemplated the following question: What do I want to attract into my life? Apply this question to all areas of your life: relationships, business and personal development. Upon contemplating this question I recommend living it for the next 30 days by becoming the very thing that you seek.

If your goal is to attract more love into your life, then be the love that you wish to receive. If you’re personal development goal is to become a speaker then be inspiring and motivating. The key to becoming ‘what you seek’ is to become highly intentional by [fixating] on the picture of what you wish to create. Only you can see it, feel it and more importantly ‘be it’. This afternoon, I encourage you to take action and write down the question on a blank sheet of paper: What do I want to attract by the end of 2012? Under the question, write a series of NEW affirmations and post them on your bathroom wall to help you live it for the next 30 days. These affirmations should start with three words: ‘I am being…’ followed by what you seek.

In 2009, I created a goal of seeking greater ‘love and inspiration in my life.’ What showed up for me after taking inspired action is the publishing of 6 books, the inspiration of over 100,000 people world-wide and the attraction of the deepest love that I have ever experienced. This is your time and your life so be what you want most, you know it’s in you to receive.

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