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Monday, September 8, 2014

Day 10 (30 days to freedom) Interview 5 freedom creators

Steve Jobs said it well - good artists copy but great artists steal. Translated - you don't have to reinvent the wheel. You just need to focus on what you love to do so much that it gets you leaping out of bed we call that passion. You don't have to know all the HOWs you just need to focus on being of service to others and making a contribution to their lives, we call that having a purpose

For those of you that wish to become more than you currently are then this message is for you. You are greater than your current circumstances, your current job, career and financial situation. You are  simply where you are only because of the thoughts, actions and choices you decided to make years ago. These daily actions have created a habitual way of being for you. Anyone can change their current circumstances if they have a desire to. Everything you want to create, be and do has already been created by someone. They have already invested the 10,000plus hours failing, failing again and eventually failing better. 

Today, seek out 5 freedom creators - Ie. Angels and I.  These are everyday people that have learned how to take money out of the equation and create a lifestyle that allows them to live their passions and purpose. 

Day 9 (30 days to freedom) Read 5-10 pages everyday

Personal development is about becoming BIGGER than your current problems. When you recognize and believe that you are meant for more you will become an energy magnet to others. We live in a connection age yet we feel even greater levels of loneliness. Angela and I are on a mission to CONNECT the world so no one gets left behind. As inspirational speakers we continually witness a lack of inspired leadership and a desire to lift their team to new levels. Imagine creating your own team that are all on the same level lifting one another up so EVERYONE shines - this is the world that Angela and I are focused on creating! 

Today and from this point on make it your daily ritual to read 5-10 pages of an inspired book. Start with authors like Jeff Olson, Jack Canfield, Wayne Dyer or Napolean Hill. You can also reach out to us anytime for copies of our inspired books like Inspiring Freedom, THINQ or Live your WHY. What I love about reading  inspiring books is that they lift you up and connect you to something bigger than yourself. We know how it feels to be alone and consumed with the energy of others that perhaps bring you down. When you take 100% responsibity for your life and commit to becoming better every single day you will be inspired with a greater purpose to share your knowledge with others. 

Day 8 (30 days to freedom) Pick up 2 personal development books

We meet so many people that want to change areas in their life: relationships, finances, freedom and self development. It's easy to get stalled in life and influenced by people around us that hold us back from growing. Just think back to a few years ago when you were focused on making a difference in the world. You were on fire for your life and you knew why you were here, now in this place to make a difference. You knew you could move mountains and that you are meant for more. 

So perhaps a few years later you got a bit lost. You painted the picket fence white and traded in your Vespa for an SUV. You may have even upgraded your cute 1 bedroom loft for a model home in a new sub division called Forest Glenn or Forest on the Green. (That marketing never really resonated with me since there are never any forests around). 

Personal development doesn't stop after you get a degree or simply because you have a job that trains you on the latest selling techniques. Personal development is a way of being - like breathing. You can be and do anything but you have to want it. As a global speaker I have made an impact on a lot of people but I'm always approaching life as a rookie without thinking I have it all figured out because I don't. 

Today kick start your personal development journey by picking up 2 personal development books. I recommend The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson, it teaches you to do the simple things in life like listening or reading this BLOG everyday. 

Day 7 (30 days to freedom) Visualize your freedom

Without seeing what you truly want in all of its detail you can't get what you want. We are all born as co-creators with an incredible and innate ability to visualize what we want in all areas of our lives. It's the starting point to the co-creation process. You have to fixate on the end result and picture yourself in that extraordinary process. For example, if you are a marathon runner then see the entire race in your mind. If you watched the movie RUSH you may recall the lead actor sitting on the floor in his livingroom visualizing the entire race and how he would handle every corner and straight away. The past 10 days Angela and I visualized us attracting the first group of our new freedom team. We enjoyed writing their names in the circles and training them the following week. Several days later our intention and visualized thought became a reality. 

Visualization helped me create an inspired magazine and thriving book series with over 100 authors. It helped me transition from the field of architecture into creating a branding company and now travelling and inspiring thousands of audiences across the globe. We want you to see, feel and taste your beautiful precious life. This is your time to be what you desire to be. 

Day 6 (30 days to freedom) An attitude of gratitude

I'm sure you have heard the expression: 'an attitude of gratitude.' To get from where you are to where you want to be this expression needs to be a way of being. Everyday and every moment, express gratitude for the miracles that you are witnessing every single day. These miracles are everywhere but we all take them for granted: someone taking a moment to believe in us when we stopped believing in ourselves; a kind gesture from someone we hardly know; a smile from a stranger or an act of kindness from someone in need...miracles of everyday people are everywhere. 

Throughout my inspired and creative journey from architecture, inspiring others to creating freedom within the world, I have come to understand the limitless power of being what you seek. It's far to easy to miss out on the little miracles that when noticed and savoured daily, shape our very happiness. We get in our own way by creating and giving energy to insignificant distractions that seem so significant at the time. We have all been given such a brief glimpse at the miracle of life. We all have been presented with a mind, body and soul that can acheive so much greatness. We are meant to be and do so much more for others. We are meant to live with new levels of love and inner freedom. 

Today, express gratitude with so much intense emotion for the miraculous moments that take your breath away. This is your one life, you don't get a second shot at it, you can live with pain but not with regret. You can shift it all in an instant by being what your heart desires in this very moment. Be grateful for everything and everyone in your life.

Day 5 (30 days of freedom) Get emotional with freedom

Emotion drives action. It is filled with desire and passion and together they become your ultimate rocket fuel to propel your success forward. All the planning, visualizing and goal setting will not be enough to help you blast through your ceiling of complexity. It's the intense emotional desire that is needed to shake up your life. We meet so many people that hold themselves back from really taking charge of their life. We're talking about 100% responsibility here. Angela and I don't just want you to think about your freedom - we want you to crave your freedom like oxygen. 

It's time for you to start something new. You gotta get hungry for it, you have to want it with all of your heart and soul. It can no longer be a temporary thing that you revisit at a convention every year. Your freedom starts now and it lives daily inside you and builds up like a fire inside you that ignites every cell in your body. You tingle with desire for your one precious life. Today, get emotional about running and leaping into your freedom. Angela and I are super pumped about supporting you and showing you the path to living your freedom. We are so passionate and fired up about making you better so you can grow into the person that you always knew you could be. 

Day 4 (30 days of freedom) Declare your freedom

So much of what you seek and attract in your life is a mindset. So many people we meet suffer needlessly which is why Angela and I are on a mission to lift others up along side us. This is true freedom, when your inside voice is so compelling and more profound than the outside voices. Declare your freedom by shouting it out from the roof tops that you are free. Say it now out loud with me: 
'I am free.' Say it over and over again 20 times throughout the day, I am free. Implement the power of suggestion - it worked for Henry Ford so many years ago when he was conceiving his idea for the automobile. He said it over and over again: 'I am building a car, I am building a car...'  

You are free and on your path to freedom the moment you declare it with intention, passion and purpose. You start living freedom when you take action everyday on creating your life by making other people better. When you come to the realization that you and your brief time here in this world is far bigger than any of your current circumstances you will elevate your mind, body and soul to whole new levels. It's time to start living your life by making a difference in others. You are meant for more and to contribute your energy and your special gifts to improving the world. How do you want to be remembered if today you were told is your last day? Did you make a contribution to others and did YOU take 100% responsibility for living the life that you wanted?

Today is the start of something new. Today is the day you decide to make a difference and not rely on others to give you a pay cheque for something you don't even want to do. Today you take back your freedom by sharing with all of those around you that you are no longer going to settle. You are ready to master your life and help others do the same. 

Day 3 (30 days of freedom) Share your freedom vision

Freedom starts with you believing that it is possible. Like the embers in a fire your freedom gets ignited by your energy and focus on it. It lives by you talking daily action on the little things in your daily life that are so easy NOT to do. The consistent flow of energy and attention to your freedom gives birth to a shift in your mindset which becomes your catalyst for growth.  Upto this point in your life you may not have been aware of your own power to create your freedom. You have lived your life through a lens that was influenced by others and that way of being has shaped your attitude, behaviour and actions. 

Today and for the next 30 days, Angela and I want to help you create Freedom Together. We want YOU to be the driver and finally learn how to take 100% responsibility for the life that you want to create. Freedom is possible for everyone and you don't have to wait for someday in the future when you are old and grey. Your freedom starts the moment you declare to yourself and to others that this is the way you want to be and live. 

The moment you declare that you are free your heart opens your mind to a new kind of ROI where you are on fire to Reach Out and Inspire others to create the same liberation for everyone. We are all meant for more. We are on this earth at this time as creators, teachers and mentors to help others create and grow their minds on a daily basis.  Inside of you is so much untapped potential waiting to unfold so you can start writing and living the greatest chapter of your brilliant life.   

Today reach out to Angela and I and share your intention with us that you are ready to create your freedom. We are standing by to pull you up along side of us and be a part of your freedom journey. 

Day 2 (30 days of freedom) Find pictures of freedom that inspire you

The freedom that you desire in all areas of your life, relationships, finances, health, career and family is already inside you waiting to be ignited and realized. What you desire and crave most in your life does not just magically appear in one quantum leap. You have to cultivate a new mindset around creating and living freedom. 

Creating freedom starts with you believing in yourself and that you are meant for more. It lives through daily, simple and consistent habits like waking up one hour earlier to create your hour of power - 30 minutes of meditation followed by 30 minutes of physical activity. We call that taking control of your life. You are meant to create your life - your way not living in someone else's jet stream. 

Today start living your freedom by posting visuals that reflect what freedom means to you in all those areas of your life. Select visuals that connect to your heart and create a meaningful connection to you. This simple habit created and lived daily will close the gap from where you are to where you want to be. We call this process structural tension where your mind wants to draw what you visualize into reality. This process practiced consistently and persistently brings the unseen into the seen. See your one precious life - take action and go get it. 

Day 1 What does Freedom mean to you?

As we continue on with our own personal journey we are allocating greater levels of energy towards making people better. All of us have been given the power to ignite a deeper passion and purpose that creates the outcomes we wish to experience. A path to total inner freedom is to live in alignment with WHY you are here. It's far to easy to live in the shadows of others. A path to inner freedom starts with your own recognition that you are meant for more. I feel tremendous freedom when I am pouring myself into others, helping them see their own greatness and inner light. 

When do you feel most free? What brings you the greatest joy and what desires fill your heart? What do you long to be and do with the rest of the time that you have been given. Knowing that I can't bring anything with me when I reach the end of my brief journey inspires me to make the most NOW during the time that I am here. Freedom is no longer an external destination for me driving me to be happy when I reach a certain level. I choose to be happy now, here and in this moment. I choose to make other people better by seeing what they are meant to see while here in this brief thing called life. I choose to surround myself with people that want to lift others up so they can shine for the world to see. 

This kind of freedom is inside you to live. We are so inspired to guide you in living it for yourself and becoming aware of the person you were born to be.