Why Time

Friday, July 10, 2015

Give it Oxygen

In my latest book titled: I don't know what the hell I'm doing, I share an insight called: Give it Oxygen. The premise, what you focus on expands. That refers to all areas of your life:,your relationship with you, others and with money. Our minds are quite amazing actually. Think about it, based on your past and current level of thinking, the universe pops a thought in your mind, poof, there it is and it's then expressed as an idea which enters your consciousness. You then pause for a moment and either believe that it's possible or it's not. You take action on this idea and you make it real by giving it daily oxygen, attention and eventually this seed of an idea expands and comes to life. It is no longer just a thought from the ether it's a fully realized idea. This is the art of creating and the miracle of being human. Our ability to feed and fuel our minds with the right oxygen that continually breeds new ideas. What seperates 97% of the population from the 3% is the ability to realize this power, harness and nurture it through daily action and a relentless fixation on the end prize. The mind is always at work and always working back to a state of comfort and successful people are just willing to do what unsuccessful people are not  - get comfortable with being uncomfortable. That means looking foolish, sharing your dreams with others, setting powerful intentions, pushing through fear and doubt,saying no to 1,000 daily distractions and never giving up on your ability and belief to make your mark on the world.