Why Time

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Day 11: 28 days of Gratitude

What you thank about you bring about. Gratitude is the fuel and the ignition source for everything you are pursuing in life. The more gratitude you express in the moment the more greatness you will attract into your life. Sounds simple right? You would be amazed as to how much we let days, weeks and months go by without expressing daily gratitude. Once you understand that we are all governed by the same universal laws and energy you will start to become highly intentional with your daily actions and expressions. 

Who can you thank right now? It can be the simplest little thing. The key is to get into a daily habit and become highly intentional with it. When we all start off each day with greater levels of gratitude the world starts to shift from an energy of 'it's all about me' to one of connection and contribution. 

Over the next 28 days make it a habit to express gratitude to at least three people a day. See and feel the universe conspiring in your favour bringing the people and resources your way as a result. Let gratitude open up your heart and your world to new and inspiring opportunities.